How to fix ‘ATIKMPAG.SYS’ blue screen error in Windows 10, 8 and 7

Through the following guide we will teach you how to fix the ATIKMPAG.SYS ‘blue screen error in Windows 10, 8 and 7, an annoying problem that prohibits continuing to use the computer.

What is the ATIKMPAG.SYS error?

First of all, it is important to point out that there are different variants of the ATIKMPAG.SYS error, this error is specifically related to the graphical component of our computers. For this reason, it specifically refers to the type of graph we have.

In fact, while many people get the error with the name ATIKMPAG.SYS, the errors nvlddmkm.sys and igdkmd64.sys refer to much the same thing. This error usually appears in the following way VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE (ATIKMPAG.SYS) and as we pointed out, it refers to a graphical error.

The term TDR comes from the English “Timeout, Detection, and Recovery”, which we could translate as “Time out, detection and recovery”. This message refers to the fact that the graphics system has stopped working and that Windows has not been able to carry out a recovery properly.

graphics card problem

The message then appears as a blue screen and does not allow you to use the computer. In any case, there are certain methods that we can use in order to solve the ATIKMPAG.SYS error in our computers, in turn, those mentioned before.

Fix ATIKMPAG.SYS ‘blue screen error in Windows

A blue screen with the ATIKMPAG.SYS error is often associated with computer graphics issues. Fortunately, there are several very simple measures that we can follow in order to solve the problem.

Update your graphics card driver

As we mentioned before, the ATIKMPAG.SYS error refers to a problem with the computer’s video and this is often related to having the wrong driver installed. Given this, it will be necessary to update the driver of our graphics card, downloading the correct version.

In this case, bearing in mind that the error refers to AMD graphics cards, you will need to access the official AMD driver download site. Once there, select the model of graphics card that you have installed in your computer. In case you don’t know, don’t worry, there are ways to find out what graphics card you have installed in Windows .

It is highly recommended that before installing the driver, you uninstall the previous one. Once the installation is complete, in most cases the ATIKMPAG.SYS error is solved. On the other hand, if instead you get any of the nvlddmkm.sys and igdkmd64.sys errors, you can try updating your Intel or Nvidia video graphics card , as appropriate.

Check for overheating

Many times the ATIKMPAG.SYS error appears when the graphics card gets too hot and stops working. This may be because the graphics fan is not working properly.

atikmpag.sys error windows

Programs to measure the temperature of the CPU usually work also to know the temperature of the graph. Therefore, we invite you to use this type of software and see if the temperatures are too high. If you see figures close to 90 °, then you may have a temperature problem.

Therefore, check that the fan on the graph is spinning, if not, it will need to be replaced.

Damaged graphics card

Although graphics cards are very durable components, unfortunately after a while the failures can begin. In the most extreme cases, the graphs will stop working properly, generating errors such as the ATIKMPAG.SYS error.

If none of the solutions listed above works properly, your graphics card may already be failing. If so, we recommend that you install a graphics card for the purpose of testing this. You can borrow the component from a friend to see if there is a problem.

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