How To Fix ‘0xa0000400’ Error When Updating Windows 10 – Quick And Easy

When we have a PC we try to have it the most up-to-date in terms of its operating system, be it Windows or Linux. But it is very common that these from time to time reflect an error, and it is tedious when we do not know how to correct it. That is why in this article we will teach you how to solve the error ‘0xa0000400’ when updating Windows 10 easily and quickly, so let’s get to it.

Here we will show you several solutions that you can have to solve the error that Windows 10 presents when it performs the update.

Solution Number 1- Reset the Windows 10 system installation USB

Resetting the USB with which Windows 10 is installed can solve the problem, what you should take into account is that it must be fast when reading the program. Here are the steps you must follow to achieve or achieve your goal, and it is to solve this rather tedious problem.

  • Go to the Windows 10 Download page in the Microsoft store.
  • Once you are there, go to the Use the tool to create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD or ISO file) section to install Windows 10 on a different PC and carefully follow the instructions it presents.
  • Then choose the “ISO File” mode found in step 5.
  • By applying the previous step you will already have an ISO file.
  • Now go to the location of the file on your PC which is usually found in the Downloads option on your computer. 
  • Now right-click on the Windows 10 ISO file and choose the “Open” mode and then “File Explorer”.

reset the usb at the time of installation windows

  • Next, click on “setup.exe” and continue with the instructions that the system prompts you.
  • Then you will select the option “Clean installation” and thus keep your personal documents, and voila.

Solution Number 2- Turn off the internet connection

It is very convenient to turn off or deactivate the internet connection when the Windows update is to be executed, although this option is more complex. This mode is very useful when you use the Windows update tool, and it is safe, since said tool will take care of executing this action. 

Solution Number 3- Get the latest version of the Windows 10 authoring tool

To fix the ‘0xa0000400’ error when upgrading Windows 10, you can use the latest version of Windows Media Creation. If you use an older version, maybe this is the cause of the error, so it is very convenient to update it.

Solution Number 4- Apply the Windows Troubleshooter

A very useful tool in the Windows 10 operating system is the troubleshooter that comes integrated as Windows Update. This option is essential to do once at the beginning of the error error ‘0xa0000400’ when updating Windows 10. In order to carry out this tool, I invite you to follow the following steps that we will describe below.

  • Enter “Settings” by pressing Windows + I keys simultaneously.
  • Now press the option “Update and Security”.
  • Later, press the option that appears in the menu on the left that says “Troubleshoot”.
  • Here you will find suggestions on whether the system requires a recommended action, if you see a press the fix problem option, and voila.

Solution Number 5- Apply Disk Cleanup on your computer

Lastly, you can apply the Disk Cleanup utility, since this is generally a very practical tool to eliminate temporary files . 

running disk cleanup on windows 10

  • Simultaneously press the Windows + R keys to open the run box for you.
  • In the small text box type “cleanmgr” and press “OK”.
  • Then it will open a box for you called “Disk Cleanup for (C :).
  • You will now select the following options:
  1. Downloaded Program Files.
  2. Temporary Internet files.
  3. Recycle Bin.
  4. Temporary files.
  5. Thumbnails.
  • And finally press the option “Clean system files” this will clean the computer, and you’re done. 

In this way you can solve the problem of updating Windows 10 when the error ‘0xa0000400’ appears on your PC. As a last recommendation and no less important is to carefully follow the instructions that we have given you here in a basic and easy way.

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