How to Factory Restore Windows 10 from Desktop or Boot

If your PC has gotten very slow or is behaving strangely, the safest way to fix the problem is to factory reset Windows 10. This is an action that you should also consider if you are going to sell or give away your computer.

Before the final solution was to format the PC, but from Windows 10 you can restore your PC to regain the stability of your system. Resetting the computer to its “factory” settings is one of the Windows 10 recovery options, and it can be very useful when your system has been degrading or you have had a problem in which you cannot even access the desktop, in which case you can restore from boot.

Before resetting Windows 10 make sure to  back up your files. If you ignore this recommendation, you could lose a lot of your important data.

Factory reset Windows 10 from the desktop

If you can still access the Windows 10 desktop, to restore your computer to its initial configuration, follow these steps:

Open the Settings application (Windows + i shortcut ), and select the Update and security group at the bottom of the window.

Then select Recovery in the left column.

So, in the Reset this PC section , read the description and click the Get started button .

Now the Reset this PC window will appear with two options to choose from:

  • Keep my files: This option will keep all your personal files and will remove system settings and installed applications.
  • Remove All – This option will completely erase your Windows 10 PC.

Select the option that suits you best. But you must be clear that the second will delete all your files and you will lose your information, in case you do not have a previous backup.

You will now see a message describing what will happen when the computer restarts. This message will be according to the method or option chosen to restore Windows 10.

When you’re ready, click the Reset button .

At that time the system will begin to recover Windows 10 to its factory settings.

The process will take several minutes, so you should have a little patience. When finished, your computer will restart with the default settings.

Factory reset Windows 10 from boot

If you can’t log into your computer’s desktop, you can also factory restore Windows 10 from startup. It basically has the same result as the previous method, but the way to do it is different. Follow these steps to do it:

# 1: Access advanced Windows startup. You basically have two ways to access the advanced startup tool:

  • If the system can access the Windows login screen, by pressing the Shift key, click the on- screen power button and choose the Restart button . The computer will restart and take you to the advanced startup tool.
  • But if the system won’t boot, you can access the advanced startup tool using the F11 key at startup. If it doesn’t work, turn the computer off and on at least 3 times, using the power button. After these forced shutdowns, on the next startup, the computer should go to the advanced startup tool.

# 2: Go to Reset this PC. In the advanced startup tool, select Troubleshoot, then Reset this PC.

# 3: Factory Restore Windows 10. To start the reset, select “Keep my files” or “Remove everything,” depending on why you want to factory reset.

After making your selection, you must wait for the process to complete, and then the computer will restart with Windows 10 in its factory settings.

Reset windows

Factory restore Windows 10 is one of the best system recovery options , and is in practice equivalent to formatting the operating system. It is very useful for solving serious problems, starting over, or preparing your computer to sell or give it away.

Another alternative to this procedure to recover Windows 10 from problems is to restore the system to an earlier date. With this method the default values ??are not restored, so you would not lose all your settings and installed programs.

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