How to enable Tamper Protection security protection in Windows 10?

Since November 2019 Windows added new functions to its operating system. One of them is Tamper Protection. One of its main occupations is to protect Windows Defender settings to prevent a malicious program from changing its settings. For this reason, you should enable Tamper Protection security protection in Windows 10.

In addition to protecting Windows antivirus settings, this Microsoft operating system tampering protection also prevents changes to the registry or group policies from being accessed through commands (i.e., neither Windows 10 defender can even be opened from cmd command ). This can only be achieved manually from the settings.

What is Tamper Protection?

Tamper Protection is a new feature that Microsoft developers have added to the Windows 10 November Update operating system.

As mentioned above, its main function is to prevent viruses and malware from changing the settings of Windows Defender or Windows Security antivirus. This prevents these malware from disabling the computer’s security and being able to access it.

Likewise, with Tamper Protection you will not be able to access registry changes or group policies by executing commands. On the other hand, to enter these functions it is necessary to do it manually from the Configuration. Or, in the business version, from a management program.

To get the full benefits of tampering protection, you need to use Windows Defender. If another antivirus is installed and activated, Tamper Protection will be deactivated by default, since each antivirus has its own protection methods.

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Enable Tamper Protection Security Protection in Windows 10

If you have installed an antivirus on your Windows 10 computer, the security protection of the operating system will have been disabled by default, since it is not compatible with other antivirus.

To enable the Tamper Protection security protection in Windows 10 you must deactivate the new antivirus, activate Windows Defender and follow the following steps (that is why it is good that you know how to activate or deactivate the Windows defender antivirus ).


It is important to note that to carry out this type of modification on the PC you must have administrator access (that is, you have to create an administrator user account ). The first thing you should do to enable the Tamper Protection security protection in Windows 10 is to go to the settings. You can access it from the start menu.

Once in the configuration window you must locate the “Windows Security” section and click on it. This option will direct you to a new window. There you must go to the section “Antivirus and threat protection “. Below you will see an option that says “Manage settings”, you must click on it.

A window will then appear on the screen with a list of features of the antivirus and threat protection settings. You will see that each of them has a switch that allows you to activate or deactivate them if necessary.

To enable the Tamper Protection security protection in Windows 10 you must locate the one that says “Protection against tampering” and press the button to activate it.

A small notice will appear on the screen asking if you are sure to enable this option, click “OK ” and you’re done. The process has been completed.

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This is a fairly quick and simple procedure that will prevent malware from deactivating Windows Defender and will protect your computer’s registry by preventing them from accessing it and making changes and modifications.

Microsoft developers recommend enabling Tamper Protection security protection in Windows 10 to increase computer security. They also ensure that it does not influence the operation of the computer or slow down the functions of the operating system.

In short, this new update is very beneficial, so it is important to keep the software updated in order to enjoy its functions. Remember that like Tamper there are also other programs and functions that protect you, so you should look for how to activate and configure the protection against exploits attacks in Windows 10 , and many more.

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