How to enable or disable WinRE / Windows 10 Recovery Environment

The Windows recovery environment includes multiple options that can be very useful in cases of loss of information or data corruption of the operating system. We have prepared a guide related to this powerful feature, which we hope will be of great use to you.

On the other hand, if you are also interested in handling other functions such as deactivating Windows Defender on your system , know that it is possible and is an alternative worth considering if you intend to install a more complete antivirus. Without further ado, carefully read the following guide to enable or disable WinRe in Windows.

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What is the Windows recovery environment?

In case you have doubts regarding the Windows recovery environment, also known as WinRe, don’t worry, it is quite simple to understand. You should also know that it is a very useful tool for many cases.

WinRe or Windows 10 recovery environment , includes a set of tools that can be used to repair or recover a Windows installation. It is especially useful in the event of a problem with the operating system.

When this is activated, the recovery options are extended, since with this function you can access multiple useful methods such as recovering Windows 10 and returning to a previous version . If you want to enable or disable this important Windows feature, read the following information.

How to enable or disable WinRE / Windows 10 Recovery Environment

The Windows 10 recovery environment is very important, although it may sometimes be convenient to disable it. In any case, whether you want to activate or deactivate it, you should know that the process is not as complicated as it might seem, find out through the following guide to do it correctly.

Check the status of WinRe

It is best to start by checking the status of WinRe on your computer, in other words knowing if it is activated or deactivated. This process is very easy, and for this we will use the Windows console, read the following information carefully:

  1. The first step to verify the status of the Windows recovery environment is to open the console. For this you can go to the start, and look for the Run tool . Another way to do it is by pressing the Windows key + R combination .
  2. Once you have the Run tool open, type on it CMD and press Enter.

Note: in the event that the error that it must be run as administrator appears on the screen, open the console as follows: Go to the start and type CMD, the console will appear on the screen, press the right click on the shortcut and Click on Run as administrator.

In the event that a warning appears, press yes. We continue …

  1. Inside the console you must type the command reagentc / info and press the Enter key
  2. After the above, information related to the Windows 10 recovery environment will be displayed on the screen. Look carefully at the Windows RE Status section . If the Disabled option appears, it is disabled, while if Enabled appears, it is enabled.

Enable disable WinRe

Enable and disable WinRe

Windows allows us to activate and deactivate the recovery environment at any time, for this we must also access the Windows console, also known as the command prompt. To carry out the procedure follow these steps:

  1. Open the console again following the previous steps, remember to do it so that it is run in administrator mode.
  2. In case you want to enable Windows recovery environment, type this reagentc / enable and hit Enter.
  3. On the other hand, if you want to disable this Windows feature, type reagentc / disable and hit Enter.

Even so, keep in mind that if a problem arises and you have the Windows recovery system disabled, it is very possible that you will need to format and install Windows 10 from scratch , a process that can become somewhat complicated.

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