How to download and install the Ethernet driver for universal Windows 10?

A computer without internet access is practically useless these days. After formatting your computer, it is possible that the drivers that give you access to the Internet have not been updated correctly, which would generate a connection failure. Find out how to download and install the Ethernet driver for Windows 10.

Not having the updated network drivers can cause a series of problems in the computer. Such as network connection failures with the operating system and other hardware elements (downloading them is almost as important as downloading and installing the Wi-Fi network driver ).

3DP Net

It usually happens that after formatting your PC, you cannot connect to the internet because the drivers that allow the connection are missing. How to download them if you don’t have an internet connection? Read on to learn how to download and install the Ethernet driver for Windows 10.

This you will achieve with the use of the 3DP NET program. Its main function is to give internet connection to the PC. Logically, you will have to download it from a computer that does have a network connection or from a mobile device and then transfer it to the computer that has the problem.

To download the program you just have to do a simple search from Google and go to the official website of 3DP NET. On its official website, in the download window, you will see that two servers are shown at the top. Click on any of them and the program will automatically begin to download.

When the download has finished, the following will be to pass the application from the device where it was downloaded to the computer that has the connection failure.

blue ethernet cable


Once this process is finished, it is installed on the PC. This is accomplished by searching for the 3DP NET file and running it as an administrator.

Download and install the Ethernet driver for Windows 10

When running the 3DP NET as administrator, it will begin to install. It brings with it the different drivers for the internet connection of the latest versions of Windows, both 32-bit and 64-bit. From here you can download and install the Ethernet driver for Windows 10.

When the installation process is finished, the program window will open on your computer’s desktop. There you will see the different driver options that are offered for your computer.

In this window you must locate the card that shows the Ethernet controller and click on it. An installation window will automatically appear. In it you will have to click on the “next ” button so that it will immediately begin to download and install the Ethernet driver for Windows 10.

From this application it is also possible to download the necessary drivers to be able to get internet on the computer through a Wifi network. All you have to do is look for the option to download the network card drivers and follow the steps explained above.

To verify that the process has been carried out successfully, go to the network and internet settings of your computer and check if you already have a network connection, both via Wi-Fi and via Ethernet cable.

Aspects to consider

To download and install the Ethernet driver for Windows 10, the 3DP NET program is required, you must bear in mind that you will have to download it from another computer or mobile that does have an internet connection. It weighs 132.55 MB so if you download it from a mobile device you must be patient until the download is achieved.

white ethernet cables


Once you get the program, the steps are really simple. It works on Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating system. The program will automatically show you the drivers your computer needs.

When you have them, everything will be ready. If it happens to you that your PC does not recognize the ethernet network cable , then you should look for a solution online, because as you have been told it is important to have this functional system. In turn, do not stop looking for more information about this, because knowing your computer is like knowing yourself, so it is recommended that you look for how to know the speed of my wifi or ethernet network card in Windows 10? , and etc.

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