How to download and install a new Skin to the VLC player in Windows 10

Every day in the world more people are using their computers in order to play audio and video files to enjoy a movie, music or video games from their home or office.

Due to this, they are more demanding when selecting a multimedia player that allows them to reproduce, change, broadcast and record content from their computer or from the Internet. You can also configure VLC Player to get more brightness in the player.

The VLC Media Player is one of the most used for its permanence and for being variable when it comes to playing all kinds of files stored on external equipment and also in multimedia, in addition to its multiple functions, its interface has a great scope In addition, it is compatible with any format.

VLC for Windows 10 fixes usable files in multimedia, categorizes videos and music. The music allows you to sort it by singer, artist, song title and the corresponding album.

Starting you can enter the last thing you saw or heard, in addition to the files already available from your computer, there is also a key in which you can create the lists in which you can add more files than what you are listening to.

Many prefer like your VLC because it is one of the most complete video and audio players that exists, in addition, it can be downloaded at no cost. Download the latest version of VLC Media Player.

It is easy to use, open source that can be downloaded on all platforms, offers the opportunity to change the format of your videos, take live captures of what you are seeing on your screen.

And in particular, it allows you to download a file that is incomplete. But if you want to change the appearance or make certain modifications to the VLC presentation, you can download different SKINs.

What is a skin?

Skin window for VLC

A SKIN is nothing more than an element that allows you to make a skin, mask or appearance change to numerous files, in this case we will concentrate on how to make those changes to the VLC player file in Windows 10.

You can download them for free, they are compatible with this player because it has a good base, they are fun because many of them have the appearance of music groups, television programs, stars of movies or video games. There is a wide variety of these SKINS such as: VideoLAN, Softonic,

The Windows Club, Jaleco, Chip, Alienware Darkstar, Transformers, Silent, Glow Part 2, YT VLC, Avengers, Skyfire, Zune 1.0, Super Black, VLC Theme (OS X Sirra) among others.

How do I download Skin for VLC?

If you are looking to download good skins or want to know how to make it possible, here we explain in simple steps how to make it possible and enjoy incredible skins inside your VLC.

Step 1

Enter the “VLC skin website” instantly you can enter its official site that will show you different types of SKIN that you can view or install in your software.

Step 2

Save the file or SKIN that you just selected according to your preferences on your computer’s hard drive. Then you press the “Select” option to display it.

Step 3

Click the “Save” option and close VLC. Then when you open VLC again you will be able to enjoy the new SKIN that you selected. However, if the element you chose does not meet your expectations you have to go back to the “Use native style” option to go back to the beginning or load another SKIN.

Likewise, if what you want is to create your own SKIN yourself, VLC offers you its editor with the opportunity to create your own skins, mask or SKIN in an agile, simple way, without the obligation to know how each of the elements is internally composed. VLC SKIN files .

So make the most of these tools that multimedia offers you, for your team and enjoy your reproductions in a fun and entertaining way.

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