How to delete the print queue when the printer does not print in Windows

In this post we will see how you can delete the document print queue manually on your printer. This way you can solve problems with the printer when it gets stuck, without having to restart the PC.

It is very common for a document to get stuck and the printer fails to print. Despite being canceled, the document does not disappear from the print list, displaying the message � Deleting �. One of the things we can do to solve this problem is to turn off the printer and turn it on again, in addition to restarting the PC.

But this doesn’t always work, and we won’t be willing to reboot the system every time. If you’re having this issue and the printer won’t print, I’ll show you how to remove the print queue manually.

Delete print queue manually

If you need to delete the Windows print queue, due to documents that have been stuck, you must follow the following three-step procedure:

1. Stop the print service

The first step to clearing queued documents stuck in the printer is to stop the Windows Print Spooler service. There are two ways to do it:

  • Go to Start > Control Panel > Administration Tools > Services
  • Go to Start > Run and type  services.msc  or you type it directly in the Start search bar and hit [Enter].

Either of these ways will take you to the same place, which is the Windows Services window , shown below.

Here you should look for the Spooler service and stop it. You can select Print Queue and click the ” Stop ” link in the sidebar, highlighted in the image. Or you can double click on Print Queue, which will open a small window in which you will see the ” Stop ” button to stop the service. Both alternative options are highlighted in yellow in the image below.

Don’t close the Services window yet. In the end you will have to restart it again so that everything returns to normal and you can print without problems.

 2. Delete files from the spool folder

The second step is to  delete files from the print folder. You must go to the system folder where the print jobs are stored. This folder is in the path  C: / Windows / System32 / spool / PRINTERS. You can navigate directly to it, copy the link and paste it into Windows Explorer or use the Run command.

Once inside the PRINTERS folder  , there will be two files per document in the print queue. If there is only one document jammed, two files will appear in the folder, and you will need to delete them to unblock the printer.

3. Restart the spooler service

Finally, the last step is to  restart the spooler service  that was stopped in the first step. This is done through the Services Manager, as shown in the image below.

This way, you will have completely removed any documents stuck in the queue and started the print service so that you can continue printing documents.

The printer still does not print

Keep in mind that, if the error that caused the document jam still exists , it could be repeated. If this is the case, you should check the electrical connections and the USB or Ethernet cable connection of the printer with the computer. Another thing that could be causing the error when printing is a wrong or improperly installed driver.

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