How to create folders and directories from CMD in Windows easily

Since it is directly related to the administrator permissions that make up Windows, it could be said that no modification is considered impossible.

Although within the directories you can create all the files that the user wants, some choose to create folders from CMD due to the ease and its benefits. Others, just for customization and user taste, choose to change the color of the Windows CMD console .

That is why if you are trying to learn one of the different operations that can be handled from the terminal, keep reading this article to discover how to achieve it.

What is the command to create folders from CMD?

Although there are several standard options through which a folder or directory can be created within the computer, CMD also has a way to achieve this.

Since the result will be the same, having this knowledge is quite useful if you are executing an action within this tool and you need to create folders from CMD. Avoiding wasting time between different windows to do it manually.


Therefore, to start with this function it will be necessary to open CMD with administrator permissions and thus be able to write the commands in the CMD necessary to create a folder.

The key order to do this is recognized as “MD ” and is the one that performs the same function as when you press “Create a folder” within the directory menu.

But for that same reason is that the command does not end there. Well, we clearly mentioned that folders are created in a specific destination or directory, and the terminal is no exception.

So accompanying the “MD” command must be the address where the folder or directory that will be in charge of containing it and its title is located.

A clear example is when you want to create a folder from CMD within the local disk, which is recognized as “C: \”. The folder itself will be in charge of containing the files that are downloaded from Softonic.

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