How to Create a Restore Point in Windows 10 – Quick and Easy

A restore point is due to a system backup due to an eventual modification that we believe may manifest itself in an error within the system.

But it is always important to make a restore point for our Windows and thus avoid unpleasant surprises that our system has an update error  and lose important information from one moment to another.

We can find within Windows 10 two options to do it, manually and automatically within it, this configuration will be done with the steps that they will have below.

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How to create manual restore point in Windows 10?

To do it manually we can use these steps, we must understand that to do it you have to understand the operating system processes and it is recommended to do it by a specialized user.

  1. First we must look for “My computer” and with the right button from there we will look for the option “Properties”.
  2. Inside the option “System protection” and it will open the tab where we will enter the different configurations.
  3. The system protection configuration is deactivated, we can activate it in the “Configure” option and within this “Activate system protection”.
  4. In this way, it will allow us to maintain or decrease the use of system protection, the higher the system restore point will be after we use it.
  5. Once this is done, we will click on “Create” and do not forget to select the drive in which we will make the restore point.
  6. A description is a good option to remember specific dates and details of the created restore point.

How to create automatic restore point in Windows 10?

In the case of doing it automatically, we can choose a program that serves as a backup to be able to do it without having to know too much about the operating system and its functions.

EaseUS Todo Backup, an excellent alternative to make automatic restore points in Windows 10 without having to search further, you can use it just by downloading EaseUS Todo Backup from its website and install it easily and quickly in Windows.

We will teach you how to make the restore point with EaseUS Todo Backup in a few steps so that you can start making your own restore points but automatically, it is important to note that it is available for free download.

  1. First, when we already have EaseUS Todo Backup installed in our operating system, we will start it from the main screen.
  2. There on your main screen you will find the option “Windows System Backup” and we will click to start.
  3. A new window opens where we select the destination path of our backup.
  4. We can generate a monthly plan to restore the system, that is, we can make copies automatically just by checking which days and at what times they will be made.
  5. By selecting all the data, times and days along with the destination path of the backup, we can click on “Proceed” and the automatic copies will begin on the days and times specified above.

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In this way, we automatically obtain system restore points on a daily basis for any problem that may arise or change that is made, we can go back time using the manual or automatic option within Windows 10. If the problem persists you can try, as factory reset or restore Windows 10.

This complete step-by-step guide taught you how to create a restore point in Windows 10 – quick and easy to start doing it yourself manually or automatically, it is also important to know how to make and restore a backup of the Windows registry, If you liked this guide, you can see more at

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