How to clean a hard drive in Windows 10 to maximize its performance? – Step by Step

It is extremely important to know the storage space on a computer . The speed with which our computer works depends on this and also makes it clear to us how many programs and content we can have stored there.

This is why we shouldn’t be surprised when we see the value of a computer go up or down based on its amount of storage space . But, in turn, this is a space that we must have monitored to know how much we have left and so that the computer can work more effectively. This is where storage devices come in .

See below what you need to know to keep your hard drive optimized.

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Why optimize your hard drive?

When we talk about the amount of storage space on your hard drive, it is always finite. When we have so limited space on a hard drive, the best thing you can do is keep this same space clean and optimized to be able to speed up your pc .

This optimization is to be able to keep the space on your hard drive as free as possible at all times without having to deprive yourself of new downloads. And, if you do it, you can maintain a good working speed within your computer without much trouble. And, best of all, you have different ways of doing it.

Optimizing your hard drive space in Windows 10

There have always been lots of different ways to keep your hard drive space optimized. If you have Windows 10, the ways to clean your hard drive do not change much, but the way to do it does. In fact, you can help yourself with some special problems for this.

And, although there are many that you can use for this purpose, we recommend using CCleaner . It’s a total classic, and it never disappoints. It will really take care of erasing all the useless data from your PC and helping you with some errors that may arise.

On the other hand, you can always empty the recycle bin. Many people forget to empty it after they have deleted hundreds of files. Here you can find even GB of useless information that is taking up space. We can also talk about the programs that you are not using or that you simply will not continue using.

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Also, you can delete some things from your PC as temporary files . Within the Windows 10 configuration there is the option to erase temporary data. It really is an extremely important tool, as it lets you delete thumbnails, Windows Defender data that are not being used, and it will remind you to empty the recycle bin.

The same with Cookies and temporary files of your browser, which can be deleted in the configuration of each one.

Another option is to free up space, for this you can go to My Computer and right click on your hard drive. Through the Disk Cleanup option, you can clean up a lot of system files that may be a headache for you.

But, if what you want is to optimize your space itself, you can defragment the hard drive. As such, it is a process that consists of erasing the empty space that has been left in the space that was a file that you have deleted.

In order to defragment your hard drive, you have to use the Disk Defragment or Optimize Drives tool that you can find in the Windows 10 search engine. Just select the hard disk you want to defragment and click Optimize.

You just have to wait for this to be ready and everything will be ready. Ultimately this is an extremely useful tool when it comes to ROM, so do your best to do it on a monthly basis and you will see a drastic change in the performance of your PC.

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