How to change the wallpaper in Windows 10

The truth is that changing the wallpaper in Windows 10 has no science. But there are several ways to do it and some of us can get confused. Next in this post we will see the different ways in which you can customize the background image on your desktop.

Changing the wallpaper does not require much effort, but if you are not familiar with the Windows 110 interface, you may have some difficulty. That is why we have created this guide to show you various ways to change the wallpaper on your computer.

1. Change the wallpaper using the context menu of Windows 10

If you want to set an image as your desktop background, the quickest way is using the context menu. The right-click menu of an image allows you to easily set it as your desktop background:

Locate the image on your hard drive that you want to use as your wallpaper. Then, right-click or click on it and choose the option Set as desktop background.

This is very easy fast, but if you want to choose how the image fits on the desktop or if you want more than one image, it doesn’t allow you to do so. To have a slide show, that is, the images rotate or change automatically, you must use another way to do it.

2. Customize wallpaper in Settings

You can also change your desktop background from the Settings app  , giving you more options to customize it. Follow these steps:

# 1. Right-click or press and hold the desktop, and select  Personalization  from the context menu.

This will open the Settings application  , directly in the Background section   within the Personalization settings  .

Here you can see a small preview of what your desktop looks like with the current settings. Below are a number of settings with which you can change its appearance.

# 2. Click Background and select the Image option  .

# 3. Below is the Pick an image section , in which there are several images that you can quickly set as your desktop background.

# 4. You can also use a different image than the ones shown in the listing. To do this, click or press the Browse button  . Then find and select the image you want to use as your wallpaper.

Windows 10 will set the new image as the desktop background. 

But you can also choose how the image fills the space on your desktop. Under the Choose a fit option , click or tap the drop-down list and select the image positioning: Fill, Fit, Expand, Tile, Center, Extend.

3. Configure automatic desktop background change in Windows 10

You can also use more than one image as wallpaper in Windows 10. To do this, open the Settings application   and go to  Personalization > Background. Then click or tap the Background drop-down menu  and select  Presentation.

Now in the section Choose albums for the presentation, click or tap on  Browse.

Now find the folder that contains the images you want to use on your desktop. When you find it, select it and click or tap Choose this folder.

Windows 10 will change the desktop background immediately, starting to play a slideshow with pictures from the selected folder.

In case you don’t have a folder with the images you want, you should create one with images just for this purpose.

The images will change in the time interval you select. Use the  Change image every list  and choose the desired time period. If you want the images to rotate in random order, turn on the switch under Random order.

4. Change desktop background by setting a new theme in Windows 10

Choosing one of the Windows themes is a good way to start customizing your desktop. Also, each theme has a selection of wallpapers to choose from. You can set one as fixed or let it play as a slideshow.

If you want your desktop background to be configured by a theme of your choice, let’s see how to do it:

Open the Settings app   (Windows + i) and go to  PersonalizationThemes on the left side of the window.

Swipe down to see what themes are available on your PC and click on a theme that you like. Windows 10 will change your wallpapers, screen colors, sounds, and mouse cursors to those included in that theme.

If none of the built-in themes catches your eye, Microsoft has a collection that you can access by clicking the Get more themes link from Microsoft Store.

This will open the Microsoft Store, where you can download any theme you want.

Customize the desktop to your liking

As we’ve just seen, there are a number of ways you can change the wallpaper in Windows 10. These include various options for customizing the appearance of the desktop.

You don’t have to use the same wallpaper all the time. You can change it to suit your own preferences quickly and easily. It’s easy to go back to what you had if none of the new images or themes satisfy you.

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