How to change the orientation or rotate the screen in Windows 7/8/10

Technological advances have grown by leaps and bounds, for this reason it is of utmost importance to be aware of the new technological trends that are emerging. In this way, it will be possible to be much more updated and it will be possible to carry out any type of task in a more practical way.

One of the most used tools to access it, or with which its capabilities can be better appreciated, is through desktop computers. These are devices created to manipulate programs in multiple areas.

Likewise, technological advances have not lagged behind for computers, quite the opposite. These are devices that are constantly evolving and developing to offer the best experience. It is to know that computers work thanks to operating systems, these systems are what control all parts of the computer. In the same way, they are what allow programs to run.

Why is it good to change the screen orientation in Windows?

One of the most used operating systems to control computers is the Windows operating system . This was developed by the Microsoft company and its first version was officially launched in 1985. Since its launch, Windows has been characterized as an efficient operating system capable of performing adequately.

Windows display settings

For this reason, from its inception to the present it has been the most widely used operating system. This acceptance has been maintained thanks to the fact that Windows is a system that is constantly developing and never stops innovating. From time to time it offers new updates to its operating system.

These new updates offer much better features than the previous ones, among the best known and most used today are Windows 7/8/10. Likewise, they offer programs that are capable of performing tasks in a very practical way. You can upgrade your Windows to 7 Windows 10

Similarly, it is a highly customizable system that is characterized by adapting to the needs and demands of users. Which represents one of its greatest advantages, since it is possible to adapt the system as we want. We can customize the theme and desktop background if we wish.

One of the configurations that can be made is to rotate or change the orientation of the computer screen. Which serves to have a new perspective of the computer and can be to perform specific actions.

The procedure to configure the operating system and to be able to rotate the screen is very simple. In this article, you will know what are the steps to follow to change the orientation or rotate the screen in Windows 7/8/10.

Steps to change the orientation or rotate the screen in Windows 7/8/10

If you want to change the screen orientation in Windows 7/8 and 10 operating systems, the procedure is very similar for all. The first thing to do is click the start button or select the Windows key.

Change orientation

Once here, you must locate the search tool or the search bar and type Control Panel and select the first option. In this way, we will go to the control panel options,

Then you should look for the section “Appearance and customization” below this you can see a series of options. We will choose the option “Adjust screen resolution”.

When entering this section, look for the option called “Orientation” and click on it. Clicking on it will display a list with 4 options. Among the options you can find the option “Flip Horizontal”, with this option the screen will be rotated 180 degrees and turned upside down.

Another option is “Vertical” this option will rotate the screen to the right and it will be seen to the side. The other option is “Vertical flipped”, this turns the screen to the opposite side, once the option you want is found and selected we are ready for the last step.

This is to click on the “Apply” option, in this way the changes will be saved successfully. As you can see, the procedure is really simple and easy to execute.

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