How to change the duration time of notifications in Windows 10

Next, we are going to see a simple tutorial for you to quickly learn how to change the duration time of notifications in Windows 10 in a fairly simple way.

Notifications are extremely important on any device, both on mobile phones and on computers that have Windows 10. Through them we can be aware of everything that happens in the system.

In Android, notifications are generally to be aware of messages, system updates, social networks, etc. On Windows, it is basically the same.

You can receive android notifications of some messages from Skype, WhatsApp Web, Instagram or Facebook in case you have the apps installed from the Microsoft store. We will also receive notifications about device or app updates and reminders on the desktop .

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Even the antivirus, which are very important and you should pay close attention to them. The problem happens when the notifications disappear too quickly. Generally when we are at the computer we are doing certain things and not waiting for notifications, something obvious.

So when one appears and we are focused on something else, having 5 or 10 seconds is perhaps not a wise time to be able to see and read what it says. In this way we “lose” said notification and I add it in quotation marks, since if we click on the box next to the clock we can see all the accumulated notifications.

The problem comes when we are doing something important and we say “I’ll check it later” and on many occasions that “later” never happens, leaving the notifications aside and continuing with what we were. That is why it is better to set a reasonable time to be able to pay the necessary attention to these notifications.

The opposite may even happen, perhaps you are not even interested in seeing notifications. So it is best to configure them to last as little as possible. Can this be done? Of course, everything from the accessibility menu and we will see a little below how to get to the option to configure the duration of the notifications that we want.

How to configure the duration time of notifications in Windows 10

  • You can control how long notifications last in Windows. Modifying this aspect is something too simple that we are going to see step by step below:
  • The first thing we are going to do is enter “Windows Settings “, we do this from the “Start ” menu by clicking on the gear-shaped icon on the left side.
  • Then we will have to enter the “Accessibility ” option to open a new window.
  • Here we are going to have to go to the left sidebar and look for “Other options “. Which is under everything.
  • On the right side we will find “Visual options ” and in the drop-down menu that says “Show notifications during “. We can choose how long they will last.

Change the duration time of notifications in Windows 10

The minimum time that we can choose is 5 seconds, while the maximum will be about 5 minutes. We have a time range for all tastes so that those who have vision problems can be attentive with plenty of time to see all the system notifications.

Precisely for this reason the option is in “Accessibility ” because it can be something fundamental for certain people who have health problems.

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Remember that, if you still have any kind of doubt about how to modify the time that Windows 10 notifications last , you can leave it in the comment box which you will find a little below and we will try to help you as necessary.

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