How to change the color of the Windows 10 taskbar – easy and fast

To customize the Windows desktop, it is not necessary to install third-party programs, since it has its own native tools to modify the appearance of the desktop, the bar and the menu at will. Although some applications allow you to make more specific modifications such as changing the appearance of the desktop similar to previous versions.

Change the color of the Windows 10 taskbar

  • Click on the Windows start button and select the Settings icon.
  • In Windows settings select Personalization and then Colors.
  • To change the color of the taskbar, select the options Start, taskbar and activity center ; y Title bar and window borders.

    Change the color of the Windows 10 taskbar

Select a color

In the color options you can choose from an available list of Windows colors. You can choose from 48 available colors. If none of them convinces you, you can always choose to choose a custom color from a fairly wide variety.

Windows 10 customization options

Modify the High Contrast option

In the color settings options, you can also enable High Contrast mode. This option makes applications and texts easier to see by the colors you use.

When activated you can select the theme, with specific colors or you have the option to customize each element separately such as the text, the background, buttons and hyperlinks.

Switch to high contrast windows

Choose between light or dark mode

It is a quick way to modify the appearance of Windows 10. It can be modified from the Windows configuration / personalization in the Colors section.

The available options in the Choose Light, Dark, or Custom color field . By choosing the Clear option, the whole appearance of the system changes. including the task bar and application windows in light white and gray tones.

On the other hand, if the Dark option is selected, black and dark colors tend to predominate in the task bar, Windows startup and applications window. The downside to using either of these two options is that it greatly limits the customization options.

If you are one of those who prefer to have a single system environment, the option that best suits you is personalized. Custom mode allows you to separately modify the default color mode for Windows and the color mode for applications.

More taskbar settings

In addition to configuring the color of the taskbar, you can make other modifications from the Windows 10 settings.

  • Change the location of the taskbar and position it at the top, right, or left of the desktop.
  • Combine the taskbar buttons. Opt to use the classic XP style where app labels are displayed or just use grouped icons.
  • Change taskbar icons. Make them small or toggle the icons that appear on the taskbar on and off.
  • Select the icons you want to appear on the taskbar . They can be icons of default Windows applications or other installed ones.
  • Automatically hides the taskbar when in desktop mode or when in tablet mode.
  • If you have multiple screens, you can make modifications to the taskbars of each one. Choose between showing or hiding and showing app labels.

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