How to calibrate screen or monitor colors in Windows 10 without colorimeter

Taking care of all the tools that technology provides you is something of the utmost importance. These devices require periodic maintenance to function at their maximum capacity.

Today, stopping a computer or mobile device is a real headache. To do this, here you will learn how to calibrate the colors of the screen or monitor in Windows 10 without a colorimeter.

This is an action that not many users of the world’s most famous operating system know about. The reasons why it should be done, you will contemplate throughout the reading. It’s time to start!

Time takes its toll

If Windows has something attractive compared to other operating systems, it is its ability to customize theme and desktop background. Users have the necessary functions and tools to capture their way of being on their computer.

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Unfortunately, computers, like so many other gadgets, don’t last forever. The more taste, the more wear. Desktop or laptop computers require periodic check-ups and preventive maintenance.

What can I do about it?

A software or hardware failure can cause major problems in the operation of the computer. And of course, nobody wants these kinds of mishaps. From updating Windows to updating drivers and drivers , when it comes to software, these actions are necessary.

When it comes to the screen or monitor, things are not entirely different. To improve video resolution and other features, you must keep all software items up to date. However, there is a problem that goes unnoticed by most users.

Screen Calibration

Without realizing it, your screen or monitor loses quality over time. The time period may vary depending on the model and characteristics of the monitor, but this is something that, without a doubt, everyone experiences.

Now, it’s not a life or death thing … thankfully. The color quality degradation on your monitor is no reason to assume that a serious failure is approaching. But, all those people who want to know how to revive the true quality of the screen, must read this.

Should I use a colorimeter?

One of the most effective ways to calibrate screen or monitor colors in Windows 10 is through a colorimeter. However, this is not a feature or tool built into your computer. It is, in fact, a device that must be purchased separately and that can affect your pocket.

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The colorimeter contributes to the recovery of the highest possible fidelity in terms of color quality of your monitor. How? Simple, through taking pictures of your screen while performing the analysis with the color palette.

It is an alternative, without a doubt, professional. And it is highly recommended for all those who require that the quality of the monitor is 100%.

Is it really that necessary?

Now, to calibrate the colors of the screen or monitor in Windows 10 it is not mandatory to use the colorimeter. Instead, you could take advantage of some software or tools that the basic configuration of Windows 10 provides .

Without colorimeter

Have you already completed everything you need to activate Windows 10 permanently ? So there is no time to waste. It is time for you to learn how to calibrate the colors of the screen or monitor in Windows 10.

You just have to pay close attention to the instructions that will be shown below. Only then will the calibration process be completely successful.

  • Click on the Windows 10 start menu.
  • Write the word “Calibrate.”
  • Enter the option “Calibrate screen color.”
  • Click on the “Next” button.
  • Use the Windows tools to adjust the screen’s gamma, brightness, contrast, and color balance.

All ready!

At the end of the procedure, you will have the opportunity to make comparisons between the previous calibration with the one you just established. If you are happy with the changes made, click the “Finish” button.

In this way, you will begin to enjoy higher quality and fidelity in the colors of your monitor. What are you waiting to put it to the test?

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