How to block or prevent a Windows application or program from accessing the Internet

All devices being connected to the internet have applications or programs that run and work continuously in the background, without the user being aware of it. This makes the battery of the computer and the data use up faster, being a problem that many users seek to avoid, since they only want to work with that application or program that is in use.

To prevent that from happening, you will see that there are different versions of Windows 10 , and each option has some methods that will allow you to know how to block or prevent a Windows application or program from having access to the internet? Especially those who work in the background.

It should be noted that although for some users this does not cause a problem, because in the same way the device works regularly and correctly. For others, the reasons for wanting to have control and to be able to block Internet access from one or another application that works in the background are obvious.

blocking program running in the background on a phone

Prevent a Windows application or program from accessing the internet

To prevent a Windows application or program from having access to the Internet, the first thing to do is locate the programs that work in the background on the device; since with this information it will be easier to block them by selecting directly.

For this, it will be good to know the characteristics or specifications of the PC , since this way you can be clear about how a Windows application or program can access the internet through shortcuts or shortcuts that run in the background on the devices. This is known through a series of steps that allow you to discover the folder where they are hosted.

Block internet access

On a device it is easy to block internet access to applications that run in a hidden way; It is only required to have a program called Windows Firewall activated and there follow the steps that allow you to protect the computer from threats that affect the security of possible attacks. To do this, you can download Windows from its official page.

In addition, with this program you can block the traffic data that allows both the exit and the entry of any software. That is, the connection of the programs and the consumption of data that are transmitted between one server to another will be controlled.

It should be noted that blocking a program is simple and can be done using the built-in functions of the Windows system, as well as external help. And you can even format a PC and install Windows 10 to prevent these programs from updating automatically.

configuration and programming of the windows firewall

Steps to block Internet access from Windows applications or programs

Step 1

The first thing you should do is go to your computer’s desktop and press “Windows + X” and then choose the “Control Panel” within the options. In case you have Windows 10 you should look for the “Control Panel” in the search bar and click there to open it.

Step 2

Later, when opening the control panel, “Windows Firewall” is selected. Then a window will open and on the left side of it click on “Advanced settings”. There you must click on “Outbound Rules” (this is where you can restrict internet access for a particular application).

In case you want to block more programs, you will have to click in the action panel on the right side on the option “New rule”. Then click on “Program” and to move forward, select “Next”.

Step 3

At this point, you must write where the program you want to block is installed, or select its location with the option “examine; then in the “Action” window, select “Block the connection” and click next.

Next you will have to choose when or how the blocking rules will be applied in the selected program. Therefore, the three options that appear there are chosen to completely block internet access.

Step 4

At this point you must give a “Name” to the new rule that was created, then click on “Finish” and that’s it; The new rule will already be active and you will be able to prevent Windows programs from updating automatically because they have direct access to the internet.

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