How to allow or block a program in Windows 10 firewall?

Today online security and privacy are not overrated, every day when we use the computer or the telephone we leave traces of our information, which if it were not for the firewall would fall into the wrong hands. That is why today’s appointment is to learn how to allow or block a program in Windows 10 Firewall

Protecting a PC with an Antivirus, Firewall, Anti Spyware and Anti Spam is necessary, but sometimes they must be configured to handle them perfectly.

It never hurts to learn new things and much more if this helps you to know the enemy that hides in the network (such as hackers), to which we are vulnerable without even realizing it, because and even if people do not believe it, there are people who just by having a decent antivirus think they are safe and that’s wrong.

Allow or block a program in Windows 10 Firewall

First, you should check if you previously removed or permanently disabled Firewall in Windows 10 to reverse this action and start with what is of interest.

Next, you have to know what a firewall works for specifically. This is a mechanism created to preserve the integrity of an operating system, blocking threats that come from the network, which seek to steal information.

It also helps prevent people who have home computers from entering dubious sites that may have malicious content. Why then allow a blocked program?

The explanation is very simple, sometimes the firewall to install a new application or program, such as an antivirus, creates conflicts in the system, since it can be ignored. Thanks to Windows 10 it is no longer necessary to disable the firewall, but you can directly allow a program on your computer.

In case you don’t have the latest edition of this Windows, you should update Windows 10 even if you don’t have enough space on your hard drive. Otherwise, the stepper may fail.


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Allow a program

Now, what you came to learn to allow or block a program in the Windows 10 Firewall, you have to go by parts, the first thing is how to allow.

To prevent the firewall from causing problems with certain programs, do the following: first go to the “Control Panel” then go to the “System Menu” section and from there to “Security “, once here go to ” Windows Firewall Defender ”.

A new window will appear, in this there is an option that has the name “Allow an application or a feature through Windows firewall to defend” select it.

Then you will see an option called “Allow another application”, and once you click on it, a section will appear where you must select “Browse” so that the search box appears where you can find the application you want to allow (when choosing said program you must click the option of “Open ” then you give “OK “).

With this you already know the first thing about how to allow or block a program in the Windows 10 Firewall and surely following the steps does not take you even five minutes. So to wrap it up, it’s time for you to learn how to block a specific program.

Lock a program

Now comes the opposite case, like blocking a program to avoid a risk of information theft or much worse. The first is the same as in the previous step, follow the same route until you reach the section “Windows Firewall defender” from there again go to “Allow an application or a feature through Windows defender firewall”.


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This will return to show a list of allowed programs, next to each one there is a check mark, when you remove that check by clicking it, it will block the traffic with the firewall and that’s it.

With this you already know everything about how to allow or block a program in the Windows 10 Firewall, it is not difficult and it will not take much time from your life, you can also teach other people and explain the importance of protecting their information.

As a tip, you always have to be very aware of which site you enter, you will never know if a site hides some malicious code that claims to have a good reputation.

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