How long can you use Windows 10 without activating?

Windows 10 is installed on more than 800 million PCs, making it the most popular computer operating system in the world. It is also the latest version of the Windows system, as Microsoft will update it instead of launching a new version.

Most home users have upgraded to Windows 10 with the free Windows 7/8 / 8.1 upgrade offer that Microsoft started with its release. Although the software giant officially stopped the free upgrade program about a year ago, even genuine Windows 7 and 8 / 8.1 users can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. The Windows 7/8 product key can also be used to activate Windows 10.

How much can you use Windows 10 without activating?

The truth is that we cannot say how many days Windows 10 can be used without activation, since it seems to work well for years. Since the inactivated Windows 10 installation does not stop working or boot after x days, it is difficult to know how long it can be used without activation. But if you want to use Windows 10 without annoying messages and have access to all its features, you must activate it from the first moment.

What happens when you don’t activate Windows 10?

When using Windows 10 without activation the watermarkActivate Windows. Go to the settings to activate Windows �in the lower right corner of the desktop.

An unlicensed copy of Windows 10 will display the message � Windows is not activated. Activate Windows now �on the Start page of the Settings application. You will also have the message “You must activate Windows before you can personalize your PC ” on all pages of the Personalization category.

Regarding functionality, you will not be able to customize the desktop background, nor the window title bar, the task bar and the Start color; neither change the theme, customize the Start, the taskbar and the lock screen.

The Settings> Update & Security> Activation page also displays the message � Windows is not activated �.

Additionally, you may periodically receive messages asking you to activate your copy of Windows 10. This can be annoying, as the message could appear in the middle of whatever work you are doing.

The biggest problem with an unlicensed copy of Windows 10 is probably not being able to customize the system. All other features will work the same as on a licensed copy. But I still recommend activating Windows 10 immediately by purchasing a genuine copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft’s online store or a retail store.

Check if Windows 10 is activated

It’s easy to check the activation status of Windows 10. Go to the Settings app> Update & Security> Activation to find out the current activation status of your system. If activated, you can link the Windows 10 license to your Microsoft account to avoid activation problems if you change your PC hardware.

How to activate it?

To activate your copy of Windows 10 go to Settings  >  Update & Security  >  Activation. In the Activate Windows now section  , click the Change product key link  ,  enter your product key, and then click the Next button  to activate your copy. Obviously, the PC must be connected to an internet connection in order to activate Windows 10.

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