How can I correctly change the time zone of my Windows 10 pc

The time zones are the areas established by the Universal System of UTC coordinates. Which was created in the so-called “Meridian Conference” in the United States; after the idea contributed by the railway engineer Sir Sandford Fleming, to establish a world time system.

The correct configuration of the time zone, the time and its format; it is very important because many configurations, licenses, updates and the operation of some programs are affected. Therefore, it is also advisable to know how to change the clock format from 24 hours to 12 on your Windows 10 PC .

Who has access to the time zones?

Currently, time zones can be seen through GPS or devices such as mobile phones and computers that have a permanent satellite connection in their interface.

Due to technological development, in many countries, each person owns a Windows 10 PC that can access any time zone in the world. Because the tools that make up this software are easy to use.

The time zone is ideal for the orientation of the users, as far as time and space are concerned. The time zone is given according to the UTC code and the capital of each country; for example, one of them is “(UTC-04: 30) Caracas”.

In this way you will be able to enjoy useful functions related to time; such as seeing and displaying the number of the week in the Windows 10 calendar ; or also download and add a world clock, with time zones in Windows 10 .

2 ways to set the time zone of a Windows 10 pc

The first mode comes with a small battery located in the CPU of our PC. When it reaches its useful life, if it is not replaced instantly; we would have to configure the time zone every time we turn on the pc. Since the function of this stack is to keep data such as date, time and time zone, when the pc is turned off.

The second way to set the time zone on our pc Windows 10. It consists of disabling or disable time synchronization of the computer in Windows to through our internet income ; this will load the corresponding time zone, for our geographical location according to the satellites of the web.

How to change the time zone on Windows 10 pc

To change the time zone settings easily in our Windows 10 operating system, we must follow the steps described below:

  • Located in the desktop interface on our Windows 10 pc, we will click on the start button that is in the lower left corner or we will press the Windows key on our keyboard.
  • Followed by that we will select the gear-shaped icon that indicates the configuration option on our pc.

Windows 10 icons

  • Once inside the configuration, the following will be to click on the option that says “Time and Language “.
  • In this section we will click on the blue button, which is below the name that says “Automatically adjust time”, to deactivate the default configuration that our computer has.
  • By doing this, we enable the options to “change date and time”, “time zone” and “show additional calendars in the taskbar”.
  • We select the “time zone ” button and a list of all the time zones in the world that are registered in the Windows 10 operating system will appear.

Settings window in Windows 10

  • With the wheel of our mouse we will scroll through the list and click on the time zone that we want to set on our pc.
  • Finally, we will close all the windows and thus the time zone we choose will be permanently established; but of course, only if we have the internal stack in the CPU working.

Now you know from where and under what idea the time zone was created in the world. In addition to what is the main cause of failure in the configuration of this tool, and how to change the time zone of your Windows 10 pc; following 8 easy steps.

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