Hibernates windows when closing the laptop or pressing the power button

In modern computers, Windows offers us several ways to turn off or turn on the computer as such. This is something that becomes especially evident when it comes to laptops.

You have to know that at the moment when we are sitting in front of the PC, working, we know that everything must work as well as possible. However, the question of what to do with it may arise when we get up and leave the PC alone. Well, so that no one else can access the data and applications contained in it, we have several ways to act. This is something that, as we mentioned before, is especially evident if we normally work with a laptop.

And it is that in these Windows-based computers, we will have the opportunity to customize their behavior when pressing the shutdown, or when closing the lid, for example. Well, as most of you will already know first-hand, at the same time Windows offers us the possibility to turn off the PC, suspend it, lock it or hibernate it. We tell you all this because in these same lines we are going to talk about everything you need to know about the last one, Hibernate mode.

What is Windows Hibernate mode

To start with all this, we will tell you that in addition to the usual suspend or turn off, Microsoft’s operating system also allows us to use Hibernate mode. Many times, instead of shutting down the computer completely, we suspend it. However, if the power goes out during the sleep state and the equipment runs out of power, we will lose everything that we have not saved before.

That is why as an alternative method we can use Hibernate. This is a system that is especially interesting in today’s laptops. For what you do not know exactly its approach, this is a state in which the computer shuts down, but saves the state of the computer. Here, for example, open programs are included, in this way the moment we start again, we find everything as it was.

How to activate Hibernate mode in Windows 10

Of course, in case you have found this useful and alternative method to suspension or shutdown as such, sometimes we will see that it is not available in the Start menu. And it is that on many occasions we can find that, when trying to access this functionality among the shutdown options of the Start menu, this one in particular is not there. Well then, let’s see how to make it appear.

Activate the mode from the CMD

This is something that we will achieve from the battery section located on the right side of the taskbar. This way we can access the power options of the operating system itself. Of course, sometimes we may not find the Hibernate function, not even here, so we are going to show you a previous step. The first thing we can do in this regard then, is to open a Command Prompt window. We achieve this by typing CMD in the search box of the Start menu, and we open it with administrator permissions.

Next, once the new window appears, we type the following command: powercfg.exe / hibernate on.

How to make Hibernate mode available

Now, after restarting the computer after executing that command, we click with the right mouse button on the battery symbol that is located on the taskbar. At that time we will have the opportunity to open the Power Options feature .

Thus, in the new window, specifically in the left part of it, we will see that there is a link called Choose the behavior of the start / stop buttons. Here a new section opens, in which we will have the possibility to click on a link called Change the configuration currently not available. This is located in the upper part of the window, which will give us access to be able to customize the options located in the lower part. Then, we will see how the Hibernate function will already be selectable, so we only have to mark it.

From that moment on, Hibernate mode will be available in its corresponding place in the Windows Start menu.

Disable Hibernate mode so that it cannot be used

Of course, it can also be the case, for various reasons, why we do not want that Hibernate mode to be available when turning off the PC. It is possible that, for example, we do not want other users of the equipment to use it. Therefore, we can always uncheck the option that we have just reviewed in the power options window. But yes, it can also be the case that we want it to disappear completely, so we run the CMD again with administrator permissions.

However, in this case and in order for this function to disappear completely in Windows, in this case we will have to type the following command: powercfg.exe / hibernate off.

Activate Hibernate by closing the lid or pressing the power button

If we finally make the determination that we are going to use Hibernate mode on our Windows computer, let’s see in what situations we can start it up. In fact, the operating system itself offers us the possibility of customizing its operation. For example, we can indicate that the PC enters Hibernation mode when we close the lid of the laptop, or when we press the off button.

To do this, we press the battery icon on the taskbar again with the right button and open the power options. But in this case we can click on the link Choose the behavior of the lid closure. Thus, on the next screen we find three drop-down lists, two of them corresponding to the lid closure and the off button.

In turn, in each section we see two lists, one for when the equipment is connected to the electrical network, and another for when it is on battery. Therefore, in the corresponding drop-down lists, we will only have to select Hibernate, wherever we want to activate the option.

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