Give windows to spectacular look with these car backgrounds

Customizing an operating system for Windows functionality is basic for most users. We cannot forget that everyone likes to work with software adapted to their needs and preferences, as is the case with most programs. For this, among other things, we can use Windows funds that will help us.

It is true that there are many elements that we usually use when customizing the Microsoft system , Windows 10. In fact, the firm based in Redmond does nothing more than increase the possibilities in this regard by making new functionalities available to us. that will be of help to us. And we are not only referring to elements that help us with the software interface as such, but to others such as functionality or security.

But if we have to highlight a specific type of object that we use to change the general appearance of the operating system, we have used wallpapers for years . Specifically, this refers to images that we set as desktop background and that we can change in a few steps. We must bear in mind that the desktop we are talking about is an element that we use almost constantly. Likewise, we interact with it on many occasions and in all kinds of uses.

Advantages of changing the Windows desktop background

As we mentioned before, everyone likes to have personalized software adapted to each time we sit in front of the Windows PC, we will find ourselves in front of that image that evokes a memory, or that can draw a smile on our face . But we cannot forget that these are also elements that we can change easily from Windows 10. In fact, this will allow us to have a new or renewed desktop each time, or every certain period of time.

In fact, we can configure themes made up of a good amount of funds so that they change themselves automatically, or that we do it manually. To do this we just have to click on the desktop as such with the right button of the mouse and select the option Next desktop background.

How to change Windows 10 background in few seconds

Keep in mind that we have several possibilities when it comes to changing the Windows background in a simple way, even if we are not expert users on the subject. One of the most common ways is through the Settings application, which we access with the Win + I key combination. Then we just have to go to the Personalization section, where in the left panel, we see the section background.

Therefore, in the drop-down list that appears in the section called Background, we select Image. Here we will already have the opportunity to select one of the funds that Windows itself offers us by default, or to choose another of our disk drives at our choice. Keep in mind that this Windows background will help us when customizing the operating system.

Windows Wallpapers for Car Lovers

Once we know how to adapt the software with these backgrounds for personal Windows, or with themes, let’s see some that we can use. Specifically, these focus on cars, elements that already decorate the desktop of millions of users around the world. In this way, in these same lines, we have made a selection of these specific decorative elements so that you can use them on your team.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that these wallpapers for Windows can be downloaded for free in various resolutions. This allows us to adapt them to our needs in each case in the best way.

Lamborghini SC20

First we find an interesting image of the Lamborghini SC20 on a background clearly related to astronomy. Hence much of the striking that this choice supposes. You can download it from this same link.

Bugatti chiron

There is no doubt that this is one of the most desired cars of the moment, something that is within the reach of a few around the world. However, this Windows background will be able to decorate our desktop without paying anything in return. You can download it now from here.

Ferrari portofino

But of course, Ferrari lovers also have their place here, for example with this background for Windows with an exclusive car of the Italian brand seen from the side. To get it, you can do it easily from this link.

Mercedes-Maybach S 580

But in this section we were not only going to talk about sports cars. And it is that luxury sedans are also very striking in some cases when decorating our desk. Hence the sample that we offer you in this specific case and that you can download from here.

Koenigsegg Jesko

And going back to the section of sports desired , this Koenigsegg Jesko can also be part of our Windows. This is a model that certainly does not leave anyone indifferent, even in photo. You can do with this Windows background from this link

Hummer EV

Changing the third and for all those who like more off-road cars , this is a fund that will undoubtedly be attractive to more than one. It is an updated electric Hummer model that you can decorate your team after downloading the image from here.

Bugatti Vision Le Mans

Speaking of spectacular models, if what we are looking for is a background with this theme that is part of Windows, this Bugatti is a more than adequate example. You can get it through this link.

Toyota GR

In order to cover the high competition section, we can also use this Toyota GR to decorate our team in the best way and in a colorful way. We just have to download it from here.

Buick Electra

Futuristic prototypes and cars have been part of the decoration of our desk for years. Therefore this current Buick is one of those examples that we can add to Windows and that will always be attractive. For this we only have to download it from here.

BMW i4

There is no doubt that electric cars are gradually becoming part of the lives of many motorists. There are all ranges, although perhaps one of the most desired is this BMW, at least we can enjoy it as a background for Windows from here.

Cupra Leon

What to say that this Cupra Leon specially prepared for high competition. There is no doubt that decorating our desk will not go unnoticed. It’s something you can get from here.

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