FreeMove: Move installation of an application to another drive in Windows 10

When installing an application on the PC, many times the installer asks you in which drive you want to install it. Applications are usually installed on the C drive, or where the operating system is installed. But Windows 10 allows you to change the default drive for installations. In many cases it also allows you to move the installation of an application to another unit, without having to uninstall it. This option is available only in Windows 10 and is limited to certain applications. Typically, you can only do this with UWP apps and some desktop apps. However,  FreeMove  is a utility that allows you to move the installation of an application to another drive. This takes care that the files are not corrupted in the process. All you have to do is select the source and destination folders.

FreeMove is a free and open source app for Windows. It also does not require installation, but you do need administrator rights to move the applications. Changing the location of an application to another drive is something that requires high privilege. Although this tool works very well, back up any important work as much as possible. For example, if you are moving a game, it is a good idea to back up your progress.

How to move an application to another drive with FreeMove

Download the application and run it. In the address box next to Move From, select the current folder for the application installation. You must select the root folder of the installation, not one of its subfolders.

In the To address field , select where you want to move the installation. For example, you can move it to the root of another drive or to a folder on a different drive. Click the Move button to continue. The time of the move will depend on the size of the application.

The point of using FreeMove to move an application installation to another drive is to make sure nothing is broken in the process. When the app move is complete, your desktop, Start menu, or taskbar shortcuts will work normally.

You will be able to see the application folder where it was originally installed, but the files are not actually in it. What FreeMove does is create a file join. Junction points the operating system to the new folder location when it searches the original. The files you see are just symbolic links.

This is an easy way to move installed apps to a drive with more space without going through the entire installation process again. This is very useful if your operating system drive is running out of space,

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