Free disk space and erases the drivers that you do not need windows

As you already know, a computer is made up of different hardware components connected to each other that make up a whole. In this way we can get much more out of all this when they work, for example, in the Windows operating system, and its programs.

These elements that we refer to here are as important as the motherboard, processor, RAM memory, graphics, etc. All this as a rule is integrated into the PC itself once we buy it, or we can assemble it on our own. But be that as it may, some of these elements that we comment on are essential for the PC to function in the best possible way.

To all this we can add the components that with the passage of time and use, we add additionally. On the one hand there are the usual mouse and keyboard that we connect if they are not integrated into the same computer. We may also add a printer, a webcam, drives external and USB drives, etc. As you probably already know, all of this allows us to get the most out of the equipment and the software that we use in it.

Why is it important to delete old drivers or drivers

But of course, if we focus on the generic components that we have talked about here, to say that there are many types, manufacturers and models of each of them. That is why, in order for the corresponding operating system, generally Windows, to be able to recognize them, important elements come into play. It is precisely about those that we are going to talk to you in these same lines, we refer to the drivers or controllers.

These are small pieces of software that are responsible for achieving communication between the hardware components and the operating system itself. As a result, this makes the whole set work as it should. Of course, although Windows has many of them that are called generic, in most cases it is better to use the originals of each manufacturer. But of course, something that we must bear in mind is that over time the Redmond system keeps saving files for these drivers that we are talking about, which are no longer useful. For this reason, the need to dispose of the old drivers in a proper way can be considered very important , because these remains that have no use can cause problems with system stability and startup problems

This happens even more when we install many peripherals to the same PC, and then remove them and use new ones, for example. This is extended to USB memory sticks, mice, printers, etc. Therefore, the corresponding drivers for each of them take up considerable space on the hard disk unnecessarily.

So, in the event that we are running out of space or want to clean up these pieces of software, let’s see how to achieve it. And you have to know that we can delete the backup copies of drivers as well as those that have become outdated without any problem. Next, we show you how to release. That is why we are going to show you below how we can do this in different ways.

Delete drivers from Windows Cleanup

For example, for this that we discussed, we can use the function called Disk Cleanup that Windows implements. To do this we just have to write the name of it in the search box of the system.

Then a small window will appear on the screen in which we choose the drive to clean, in general we opt for drive C. In this, Microsoft’s own system is usually installed. Thus, after a few seconds in which the unit is analyzed, we find another window that shows us several entries. Here we will see the temporary files, the Recycle Bin, the DirectX cache, etc. At the same time, if the system has backup copies of the drivers, we will see an entry called Device Driver Packages, which is the one that interests us.

Then we only have to mark this option that we are commenting on, and these useless drivers that we are talking about will be eliminated.

Remove old drivers using CMD

As we mentioned before, as we use different hardware devices on the same computer, their corresponding drivers are saved on the PC. This only takes up space unnecessarily, space that by the way is usually quite valuable for most computers. Well, it is worth mentioning that this cleaning task that we are talking about, we will be able to carry out from the command line or CMD of the system.

To do this, the first thing we do is type the CMD command in the Windows search box and run the Command Prompt with administrator permissions. We can do this by simply clicking on the entry with the secondary mouse button .

First of all, we must bear in mind that these drivers, which are already outdated, are usually hidden in the Device Manager. Therefore, in order to see them, we will have to execute the following command in the CMD window that has just been opened: Set DEVMGR_SHOW_NONPRESENT_DEVICES = 1.

Delete drivers from Device Manager

Then, once it has been run, the next step will be to go to the Windows Device Manager. We will find this by right-clicking on the Start button of the operating system. From the list of elements that will appear, we will see the one that interests us in this case, where we click.

Here we are going to see all the devices with their respective drivers installed. At the same time and semi-transparent in color, we find those that are not being used and only take up disk space. Of course, we recommend that at the same time we go to the View menu and activate the option to Show hidden devices.

To locate the controllers that could be considered as useless and that only take up space, as we say, these will have a more transparent tone than the rest. Then all we have to do is right-click on each one that we want to delete with the right button. Among the options that then appear, obviously here we opted for the call Uninstall the device.

In this way, what we achieve is to eliminate the drivers or drivers associated with it in one go. Of course, this is something that we can repeat as many times as we want with the hardware elements that we do not use and that are in principle hidden.

Remove drivers with third-party programs

On the other hand, we can also use third-party solutions for this type of task that we comment on, remove drivers. That is why below we are going to propose some examples that can be very helpful in this regard.

Driver Fusion

This application will allow us to update, make backup copies, clean and monitor the drivers of our computer. Among its functions we find the possibility of updating and restoring the drivers that we choose automatically. It has a large database with more than ten million drivers. We can also use our own backup copies of the drivers that we have stored. This is extremely useful in case we have problems with our PC since we can choose whether to restore it or directly download the version of the driver that we want to install. Driver Fusion has a free version to download from this link. To take advantage of all its functions, it will be necessary to acquire its license, which starts at 20.99 euros per year.

Magician Driver

This useful tool offers us professional solutions for backing up, restoring, updating and removing drivers from our computer. For this, the application is in charge of identifying all the hardware of our system and extracting all the associated drivers. From here, the moment we reinstall or update Windows we can restore all the extracted drivers. Thanks to its built-in database of the latest drivers, we will always receive all the updates that are produced, thereby increasing the performance of our hardware. Likewise, in the event that the program detects known devices, it will help us to identify them. Driver Magician allows us to download a free version from here. To take advantage of all its functions, it will be necessary to buy its license, which has a price of $ 29.95.

Display Driver Uninstaller

This application will help us to completely uninstall and remove all driversand packages belonging to the AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards of our system without leaving traces. This also includes the registry keys, folders and files, and the driver store. Additionally, the application supports basic Realtek audio driver removal and cleaning. This program has been designed to be used in case the standard uninstallation of our driver fails or whenever we need to completely remove the drivers for these video cards. Likewise, it is advisable to create a new system restore point before using it, so that in this way we can revert the system at any time in case of problems. If we want to use Display Driver Uninstaller we can download it for free from the developer’s website.

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