Forget the glasses: this way you can make windows letters bigger

Operating systems, such as Windows, usually have the font size adjusted to the most common resolutions. If we have a standard monitor, 1920 × 1080, the font size of all the elements on the screen (websites, icons, menus, etc.) will be normal. And, unless we have vision problems, we can read them without major problem. However, what happens when we have a very large screen? What if we use a 4K monitor? Or what if we have vision problems? Unless we use glasses, or a magnifying glass, what we can do is change the font size of the operating system.

Just as we can change the resolution, and many other parameters related to the screen, Windows also allows us to change the font size of the operating system. In this way we can make them larger, to be able to read them without problems, or smaller if we want more content to fit on the screen.

How to make Windows letters bigger or smaller

There are several ways you can do this. The ideal is the first, to change the scale, so that everything appears larger. However, there are also other little tricks to get there. The important thing is to try to find the one that best suits our needs.

Change the screen scale

Windows sets by default a scale value that corresponds to 100%. This is the original size of the elements, and with it we will achieve that the icons and the letters are according to the screen resolution that we have configured.

By changing the scale we can make the letters (and all the other elements) larger or smaller without changing the resolution of the monitor at any time. Thus, this change will only affect the size of the elements, but we can continue to use our preferred resolution, for example, when watching movies, photos or playing games.

To modify this parameter, the first thing we must do is enter the Windows 10 Configuration menu. And we can do this with the Windows + I keyboard shortcut. Once there we will go to the “System”> “Screen” section, and we will find the “Scale and distribution” section, which is the one that interests us.

In the case of wanting to make the letters larger to be able to read without problems, what we simply have to do is open the selector box and choose the percentage of size that we want to give it. We can choose from a scale of 100% to one of 175%. When we select a value higher than the one we have by default, we will see how the letter gets bigger.

Otherwise, that is, if the letter we have in Windows is too large and we want to make it smaller, the process is the same. We must open the scale selector box and choose that we want to place it at 100%. Windows won’t let it get smaller than that.

With each change, the fonts and icons are redrawn from scratch, so they are adjusted to the new size. You won’t see anything pixelated or blurry. We will simply see it larger than normal.

Change resolution

Another option that we can resort to, in case the scale level does not convince us, is to change the resolution. The higher the resolution, the smaller the pixels on the screen. And if we add that the screen is very large, everything will be much smaller than normal. We will even have trouble reading.

We can adjust, if we want, the scale of the system. However, we can also choose to directly change the resolution. If we keep the aspect ratio of the monitor (which is generally 21: 9) the resolution will be compatible. Of course, if later we are going to do other things, such as play, it is necessary to configure the highest resolution that we can use in the game to obtain the best possible quality.

The resolution can be changed from the same section as the scale. Or also from the software of our graphics card.

Use the magnifying glass

Windows comes standard with a wide variety of accessibility tools. And one of them is the magnifying glass application . If we continue to see very small letters, and especially we have a vision problem, the magnifying glass will help us to see the section where we have very small letters or icons, but large. We can adjust different zoom levels, and several different views. In addition, the magnifying glass will follow the mouse to be able to easily follow a large reading without getting lost.

If we do not like the magnifying glass of Windows itself, we can resort to another of the different programs that exist for this same purpose and that, normally, are usually more complete.

Change the font size in the program

The first two methods allow us to change the font size to all Windows. However, surely there are times when we are not interested in doing so. It is possible that what we want to do is change the font size of a specific program.

Most of the programs that we can download and use in Windows are compatible with this feature. For example, Chrome, Edge and Firefox allow us to enlarge the font size in the browser without having to modify the scale of the operating system. Also Word and PDF viewers (such as Sumatra or Acrobat) allow us to make these elements larger with their corresponding zoom tool.

Which method is better?

In the end, everything will depend on the needs we have and what we are going to do with the computer. For example, the magnifying glass is not a pretty, simple, or practical tool. It is a tool designed for those who have no other option, but we do have more possibility.

Reduce the resolution? Can work. By making it smaller, everything will be enlarged and we will be able to see it more. Of course, we will lose a good amount of quality, and everything may look blurry. And what about the scale? It is one of the best options, since it makes everything bigger, redraws it and we avoid blurring the letters and symbols. But it can be improved.

As we may have guessed, the best option we can find to change the size of the Windows font and make the letters bigger or smaller is to do it from the programs. Browsers, for example, have their own “zoom” which, by holding down the Control key and moving the wheel, allows us to change the size. The same goes for many other programs. In this way, if the desktop is not the most important thing, we will be able to adjust the size of the font and elements directly from each program.

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