Fix inaccessible boot device error in windows 10 with these tips

As we all know, Windows 10 is a system that is updated every so often, either with major updates, or with minor patches. However, sometimes we can find that it is installed and the computer restarts, with which a blue screen of death or BSOD appears. In this we can find the commented error message, that is, Inaccessible Boot Device, which means that the boot device is inaccessible.

This comes from Windows losing access to the system partition during the startup process. Well, to say that this has several possible causes. At first some users suggest that the problem seems to be more frequent on computers with SSD drives. Therefore, to solve the error in Windows, the first thing we can try is to eliminate the recently installed updates. These can be the cause of the failure, so its elimination could solve it.

To do this we go to Settings / Update and security / Recovery / Advanced startup / Restart now. After a few seconds, a blue screen will appear where we go to Troubleshooting / Advanced options / Command prompt.

Once the Command Prompt appears on the screen, we type the commands “dir c:” and “Dism / Image: c: \ / Get-Packages” to be able to see all the installed updates. Consulting the date field, we identify the most recent one, we take note of its full name and to eliminate it we write “dism.exe / image: c: \ / remove-package / [UPDATE_NAME]. This should solve the commented problem.

Other possible alternative solutions

On the other hand, if this doesn’t work, we can try to delete the pending updates. And is that sometimes these get stuck, that is, pending, but not installed. Therefore they can cause the Inaccessible Boot Device error. To eliminate them again we open the Command Prompt as we have seen previously.

But in this case we will have to execute the following commands:

“Reg load HKLM \ temp c: \ windows \ system32 \ config \ software”

“Reg delete” HKLM \ temp \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Component Based Servicing \ SessionsPending »/ v Exclusive”

“Reg unload HKLM \ temp”

These delete the “SessionsPending” registry key so that we can later move any pending updates to a temporary file. We achieve this with the command “dism / image: C: \ / get-packages” so that afterwards we create a temporary file through “MKDIR C: \ temp \ packages” and to finish we type “dism / image: c: \ / remove-package / packagename: [UPDATE_NAME] / scratchdir: c: \ temp \ packages ”.

Another step we can take is to enable AHCI mode in the PC BIOS, which could resolve the aforementioned boot drive error. Therefore we will have to access the BIOS and look for this functionality, since each manufacturer uses a different menu system.

Disk drives related failures in Windows

Another possible solution that we can try is to update the disk drivers, since these can be faulty and be responsible for the failure. This is something that can occur when using old drivers, hence it leads to the Inaccessible Boot Device error . This is something we can do from the Device Manager. In that window we look for the IDE ATA / SATA controller, where we right-click the mouse and select Update driver.

And finally we can check if the hard drive is damaged. To do this we go to the command line through the cmd command and open as administrator. Here we just have to type chkdsk / f / r and press Enter.

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