Everything you need to know to change the windows date and time

When we refer to operating systems for desktop computers, in these times the preferred proposal for most users is Windows 10. This is already found in most PCs around the world, and going up, all of this based on new functions and updates.

But we cannot forget that despite all the new that we can find regarding this particular Microsoft software, the veteran functions are equally important. In fact some of these are still there over the years and Windows versions, due to its extreme importance. This is the case that we are going to talk about precisely in these lines. What’s more, we could say that some of these basic Windows functions go unnoticed, at least until they stop working or disappear.

It is at that moment that we realize the true importance and significance of these, as we have seen on many occasions. For example and to give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about, in these lines we are going to focus on the date and time of the system.

This is an element that, as a general rule, we can consult from the right side of the Windows taskbar. It is located next to the audio icon or the icon for accessing the Activity Center of the operating system itself. Well, this is an element that at first may seem inconsequential and unimportant, but that is a mistake.

The importance of date and time in Windows

To begin with, we will tell you that this is a function that many other Windows features use, in addition to some installed applications. That is why a bad configuration of this section can translate into a malfunction of other elements. Well, in principle we will say that by default Windows uses the Internet connection in order to correctly set the date and time on the local system. But at the same time, there are times when we are going to need to do this manually.

Automatic synchronization can fail for a multitude of reasons, leading to the aforementioned failures. That is why we are going to show you how to avoid them by setting the date and time ourselves. And is that these failures of automation can be due to a change in time or country, for example. Therefore, in the event that we want to correct this important failure, we will achieve it from the Settings application.

Set the date and time from Settings

This is a section of the operating system that we increasingly use and that we open through the Win + I key combination . Then, in the new window that opens, click on the section called Time and language. Say that we can also achieve this through the Windows Taskbar. Just place the mouse cursor in the date and time area and click the right mouse button . There we will see the option to Adjust date and time that we select.

This will lead us to the same window mentioned above from the Settings application. Therefore, if we encounter the problems of automatic date synchronization, the first thing we do here is to deactivate the option of Adjust time automatically. At that moment we will see how the option to Set the date and time manually is activated, specifically the Change button.

By clicking on the same button, a new window will appear on the screen that will allow us to set the system date and time manually. Of course, as it is easy to imagine, to specify that this is done automatically, we only have to re-activate the Adjust time automatically control.

Other problems with the date and time

As we have mentioned before, by default Windows 10 is configured to set the system date and time automatically through the Internet. This is something that is achieved through certain certificates of secure online pages that send these values. But of course, assuming that we have not had an Internet connection for a while, the problems will begin here. It is then when we have to use the method that we have commented previously to carry out the establishment manually.

Another possible reason for the problem that we have talked about may occur is due to the external certificates to the system as such. Thus, in the event that a website has a validity certificate other than that of our time zone, the browser will not be able to check if the connection is secure. As you can imagine, this will return an error indicating that the local date and time are incorrectly set.

Due to all the aforementioned, something as inconsequential at first as the Windows date and time could be, can directly affect other functionalities and applications. That is why it will never hurt to be able to control everything manually in order to avoid problems.

Manually configure our location

Previously we have talked to you that some of the problems derived from a bad configuration of the clock automatically, could be due to a change of country. That is why the top managers of Microsoft are fully aware of all this and also allow us to change this section, by hand. For this, what they offer us is an option also in the Settings application that allows us to carry out that change.

To do this, also from the section called Time and language that we discussed before, we are going to click on the link Date, time and regional format. Say that it is located on the left side of the window as such, which gives way to a new one.

Well, to say that from here, we ourselves will already have the possibility to specify in Windows the country or region in which we are at that moment. On the other hand we find another drop-down list where we specify the date and time format that we want to use. Thus, assuming that we travel a lot with our laptop, for example, this is a feature that will be very useful to avoid encountering errors in the system date and time.

How to add two additional clocks in Windows

But that is not the only solution that an operating system of the power of Windows offers us in this same sense. We refer to the possibility that we change countries on a regular basis and want to be able to access the correct date and time in the best way. Well, as we have seen previously, this is something we can do by manually changing the region or country in which we are at that moment.

However, it already weighs the usefulness of this, another thing that we can also carry out here, is to be able to have more than one clock in view in Windows itself. And you have to know that the Redmond ones offer us the possibility of adding a second and a third clock that will work exactly the same as the main one. To do this, just click on the link Add clocks for different time zones. Then we can configure the two new regions for which we want those elements of the time to be created.

As you can imagine, this can be of enormous help when it comes to moving between regions periodically with a different time zone. Thus, in addition to the main clock on the taskbar, we will have two additional ones that we can consult from it. For it

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