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It is common for many users to print a photo or document without first adjusting the parameters or viewing it. This leads us to situations of being out of paper or running out of printer ink too quickly due to the fact of printing a document without having viewed it before.

Preview before printing: What is it for?

This is something basic before printing a file, photo, we talk about adjusting the printing parameters in the Preview mode before printing the document By clicking on the Preview button we will be able to see a view of how the final result of the document will be that we are going to print, so that if necessary we can make the pertinent modifications. With this we can avoid wasting ink and paper, and our own time.

Therefore, a very simple option is to use the printing tool that Windows 10 incorporates, for this we will follow the steps and instructions that are discussed below.

Preview: this is how it works when we want to print from Windows 10

Before starting, you will need to have your printer drivers installed on your computer. It is very possible that the manufacturer has these drivers on its website, or that the device included a CD with them. Windows Update also allows us to easily install the drivers for many printers. Even those that we can connect via Wi-Fi.

Pictures and photos

In the event that we are going to print photos or images, we will need them in a format compatible with the Windows printing tool. Surely we do not have a problem with this since it supports most of the known formats.

Once we have chosen the image or images that we want to print, we will locate them and we will right click on them > Print.


The Windows printing tool will open, in which we adjust the printing parameters, among them we find the following:

  • Select the printer.
  • Select the paper size (Standard A4).
  • Select the quality.
  • Kind of paper.

Select printer:

We will have several options among which we will choose our printer. It is possible that if we do not have the drivers installed correctly, it will not appear, or we must install the printer from the option that it gives us to choose.

Once the possible error has been solved, we will select the corresponding one.

Paper size:

The display of this option may vary, in this case the choice appears according to the type of paper. All this depends on our printer, its capabilities and the drivers that we install.

In the case of appearing as in the following image, we will select the desired size according to the type of paper it is. The most used paper for printing is A4, since it is the size of a normal sheet.

Another option which may appear to us is the size in centimeters, which can be somewhat more confusing for the user. One option that we have for this is to select sizes and visualize them until the size that fits our needs or tastes.

Another option is to look for the measurements of our sheet and choose the size, with this we will get an idea of ​​how much that image would occupy on our paper.

Image quality:

Image quality is another option where the possibilities are altered according to our printer and the drivers that we have installed on our computer. In this case, it allows us to select according to the type of printing.

Kind of paper:

The type of paper is an option that you may not have available, or like the others, it may be different, since it depends on the printer and the drivers.

This allows us to choose the option that best suits the paper we have, and if it is not available, the printer will be configured to print on a wide variety of paper types.

Number of images per print:

Now comes a part that for some can be confusing but very simple when understood. If we want to modify the number of images per paper, we will select it in the right sidebar, in which we will have different options, or not. As we indicated before, all these options are altered according to the configuration that the manufacturer gives to its drivers for said printers.

If what we want are 2 images per sheet, as indicated in the example, we will have to select that quantity and modify it by 2. In each option, the number of images to be entered appears in parentheses.

Once the previous steps have been done and adjusted, we can select “Frame the image” which enlarges the size of them, and adjusts them to the format of the sheet.

Finally we print said paper. We can check that it has been done successfully, and that it is displayed correctly and as shown in the printing tool.

Documents printing

In document printing we find similar characteristics. They are between them:

  • Printer selection.
  • Orientation of the document.
  • Number of copies.
  • Choice of pages to print.
  • Scale
  • Margins
  • Headers and footers
  • Other options.

As we can see with the naked eye, when we want to print a document, the display may not correspond to the format of the document when we were editing it.

For this reason, the importance of visualizing the content of the document and its organization, and the subsequent review through the preview, with the viewer.

Next, I show and explain options for printing documents that have not been seen and explained in the previous section, where the printing of images is shown:


As we all know by now, we can tell you the orientation of the document, depending on how we have inserted it into the printer, for later printing.


An interesting option for the structured printing of our documents, which may have a lot of content that we are not interested in, is that of interval printing. We tell you from which page to which page we want you to print us. For example, 1-5 would print the first 5 pages for us.


In the scale we can indicate to what size we want the document to be printed, in this case we indicate that at 200% of 100% that would be the original size.


With this option we can indicate how much margin we want it to have between the edge of the sheet and the text. Attractive option to adjust our text after editing.

And these are the most important options for retouching and adjusting our documents before printing them. Thanks to the visualization and its adjustment we will be able to save time, since we will not have to edit the document again.

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