Do you want to improve performance when playing? You can do it with the game mode

It cannot be denied that video games have formed a trend that does not stop growing. Millions of players sit in front of their computer every day to enjoy virtual stories and competitiveness. Microsoft knows this and therefore created a game mode in Windows 10 to improve performance.

The idea was clear. That all players, regardless of the resources of their computers, could fully enjoy the immersive experience of video games. Performance is a key factor for graphic adventure or sports competition to be as faithful as possible to reality.

With Windows 10 gaming mode, Microsoft has allowed computer resources to focus on the gaming experience. Everything is focused on this concept, so that staunch PC players will be able to enjoy their game without interruptions.

What is Windows 10 game mode

This particular mode comes from the launch of Windows 10 Creators Update, back in 2017. Microsoft wanted it to be a fully immersive experience and developed this tool so that the computer understood the game as the user’s priority. Even so, it is not clear that the improvement is spectacular.

In spite of everything, with its activation Windows prevents updates to the operating system or the computer’s drivers from being executed and, even, prevents the display of restart notifications.

But, in addition, the automated management of resources with the game mode in Windows 10 allows the optimization of the frames, achieving a more stable speed for each of these according to the game and the system. In short, the game mode focuses most of the machine’s resources in the game, preventing them from being wasted on background tasks that are not of interest to the player.

How to activate game mode in Windows 10 to improve performance

Microsoft has also not wanted to add a headache for the use of the game mode in Windows 10. Although the system is capable of recognizing the start of a game, it does not always succeed, because it depends on the characteristics of the executable, its files and more.

Therefore, it is necessary to know how to activate the game mode in Windows 10 manually. The first thing we must do is press the combination of the Windows + G keys on our keyboard. Next, the game bar will open, which is nothing more than a small superimposed desktop with different widgets defined to optimize our needs during the game.

Once we have observed everything that this tool offers us, we must click on the configuration and, in the General tab, go to Edit more preferences in the Windows configuration. Here we must move to the Game mode tab and click on the option to activate it. Thus, we will manually force it to be turned on and Windows will immediately optimize our resources.

Once we start one of our games we can see how the frames rise slightly, offering us a more immersive experience by avoiding notifications and making our game the only thing we have to focus on at that moment.

The Game Mode Windows 10 is available to all users, both Home and Pro. But not appear in the following link we explain what to do if the game mode is not available for some reason.

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