Do you use windows 10? Learn to install programs in all ways

When we buy a new PC or reset the system of an old one with Windows 10 from scratch, we find a number of applications installed by default. These help us to start working on the Redmond operating system from the first minute, which helps many. But let’s also see the different ways in which we can use to install programs on our computer.

However, many others are against these UWP programs that are included with the operating system itself. That is why when starting with a new PC or from scratch in Windows 10, the first thing they do is install their favorite software. This is something we have been doing for a long time, for which we have several avenues. And it is that we must bear in mind that in these times we have a multitude of software sectors that we can use.

That is why, in order to make the most of what equipment we have, we make a good choice of these titles. It is for all this that below we are going to talk about the different paths you can take to install any type of software in Windows 10. As we mentioned, there is not only one way, so we will talk about the ones you have at your disposal. Willingness to choose the one that interests you the most.

Differences between UWP apps and SEs

At this point, we must bear in mind that there is a distinction between UWP applications and the usual EXE. Say that the first type that we comment on are those that belong to the Windows platform itself and that have been adapted for the operating system. They can be both from Redmond’s own firm, as well as from third parties. For example, these are the ones we mentioned that we found pre-installed in Windows from the beginning, although we found many more in the Microsoft Store.

On the other hand we have the so-called Win32, which are those programs that we install on the PC from anywhere else. Items such as the Internet, a CD or DVD, a USB stick, etc. come into play here . And it is that the method that we can choose in this sense is the most varied. For all this, below we show you the way to achieve it in all ways.

Install programs in the Microsoft operating system

First of all, we are going to talk about the usual programs, which are the ones that have been used more frequently for years on our desktop computers.

Download programs from the Internet

One of the most common methods that we usually use for this is the Internet. To do this, how could it be otherwise, the first thing we will need is to use a browser. Either the Edge itself that is already pre-installed in Windows 10, or another like Chrome or Firefox, these are essential in this case. Once on the screen, all you have to do is write the URL from which to carry out the download in the address bar.

This is usually done from the official website of the program’s developer, which is the most recommended. But at the same time we always have the possibility of using more general download portals that offer us a multitude of programs.

Generally here we will find the versions of the application available, as well as the supported platforms. Therefore we only have to choose the one that interests us the most in each case and download it to the team. Then we only have to double click on the executable to install the program as such.

Install from external device or hard drive

But it can also be the case that we already have the application executable, but not installed on the computer. This can be found stored on the hard disk of the PC, or on a USB memory device, CD or DVD. In all cases, the method to follow is very similar, as well as simple. If it is an external device such as a memory, we will have to connect the device to the computer through a USB port. Without talking about a CD or a DVD, we necessarily need to have a reader unit, something less and less common. It is evident that in it we introduce the support that contains the program that we are going to install.

Be that as it may, the usual thing in these cases is that a new window corresponding to Windows File Explorer opens. Otherwise, we can also open us a hand, for example with the key combination Win + E. Thus, in the new window that appears on the screen, we have to go to the unit that interests us in this case. At that time we will find the corresponding EXE or MSI file, which are usually the most common executables so that we can install the program as such.

In this way, as in the previous case, we only have to double click on the EXE or the MSI for its subsequent installation on the computer.

Use portable programs

So far we have talked to you about the best way to use EXE applications on your Windows PC. But yes, we must bear in mind that on certain occasions we can use those same titles but without having to install them on the system. This will actually allow us to use our favorite titles on the computer, but for example from a USB memory.

Specifically, we refer here to portable programs, special versions of some applications that work without the need for installation. To do this, all we have to do is download the corresponding portable version from the developer’s website as we showed you before. At the same time we can use one of the best known pages to download these versions like this one.

One of the advantages offered by these versions of programs is that we can run them from the PC’s hard drive, or from an external device. Thus, for example, if we store a collection with the programs that we use the most, in its portable version, we can always carry them on a USB memory stick, for example.

Install UWP apps from the Microsoft Store

As we mentioned at the beginning, in the Redmond operating system, we also have the possibility of installing UWP programs. These were designed for the Windows platform, so they integrate seamlessly into the operating system. They are also downloaded from the official store, so it could be said that their reliability is reviewed and controlled.

Therefore, to achieve this that we tell you, the first thing we will do is look for the Live Tile of the store in the Windows Start menu, where we click. This will lead us to the system store as such and all its contents.

At the top of its main interface we find several categories such as games, productivity or Entertainment. At the same time, in the upper right part of the window, we find a search engine in the shape of a magnifying glass. Therefore, we only have to locate the program or programs that we want to download from here. We will find both free and paid applications, and many on offer. Therefore, once we decide what we want to install, just click on the Get or Buy button , depending on each case.

The program will be added directly to the Start menu of the system, from where we will be able to execute it. In addition, to uninstall the UWP, it is not necessary to go through the Control Panel, just right-click on its link.

Install UWP from Windows PowerShell

To say that the UWP applications that we have talked about here are actually .Appx or .AppxBundle programs, equivalent packagers, to the EXE or MSI of Win32. These are usually found in the official system store, as we have just seen, but that is not the only method to install programs of this type.

We tell you this because we also have the possibility of using the Windows PowerShell tool for all of this. We access it, for example, from the Windows search box.

Thus, if we have the Appx or AppxBundle file downloaded, we can type the following command to install it: Add-AppxPackage -Path «C: PROGRAM_NAMEA.Appx». Of course, something that we must bear in mind is that these Appx files can be installed in a simpler way. Specifically, we mean that we can install them from the File Explorer with just a double mouse click on the file.

Here, in addition to the name of the application as such, we must make sure to also specify the exact path of the disk where we have it saved.

How to use the WinGet command in Windows

Another command that we can use here in Windows PowerShell is WinGet, Microsoft’s package manager. Actually we refer to a package manager with which we can download and install all kinds of programs from the PowerShell. We carry out all this from a simple command. As a curiosity, we will tell you that its operation is similar to that of the package managers that we see in Linux. Its objective is none other than to facilitate the search for programs, download and installation. Therefore for its use we return to the previously mentioned Windows PowerShell. Of course, we can also run it from the CMD or command prompt.

Therefore, once in the window that opens, to install the program that we want in the operating system, we have to use the following command: winget install PROGRAM_NAME. In this way, once the installation process is finished, the application will be ready for use.

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