Do you have problems with the ip of windows 10? So you can fix it

If we are users of a Windows 10 computer on some occasion we have been able to find the message “IP conflict error in Windows 10” when we use a WiFi network to connect to the Internet. Although network conflicts are not difficult to solve, they can cause us a headache, especially if we are new, so we are going to check why they happen and how we can solve them.

When and how does an IP conflict occur

Each computer is connected to a single IP address, which is unique and cannot be repeated locally, so an IP address conflict occurs when two or more devices connected to the same network are assigned the same IP address. Therefore, if this happens, the network confuses the IP addresses that are duplicated and cannot be used correctly.

Currently, IP conflicts are not usually common since DHCP is used to avoid them , a system that routers use to distribute IP addresses, so that when a new device is connected to the network, the router chooses an address Available IP from option set. In this way, unless the router does not work correctly, the same IP address should never coincide within the same network.

The most common error occurs when static network addresses are assigned in the same network, instead of DHCP being in charge of assigning them automatically. In this way, if we mistakenly assign the same static IP to two devices, we will find an IP conflict.

How to find out what the IP of my computer is in Windows

We will say that the IP address on a PC is something like the DNI that identifies us, which helps us to identify it among others when we connect to a network. Therefore, as you can imagine, knowing it is essential to carry out certain configurations and jobs. In this way we can allow, or not, that other equipment can connect with ours. Therefore, first of all we are going to teach you to know what the IP address of your Windows is in a simple way.

It is worth mentioning that for this we have several methods, but we are going to show you the fastest one and that it does not give us headaches. Thus, we just have to press the Win + R key combination, and in the window that appears on the screen we type the command cmd.exe. This brings us to the command line, where we type ipconfig and press Enter. Now we only have to look for the entry called IPv4 Address to know our local IP.

How to fix an IP conflict in Windows 10

Restart the computer and the router

The first step we must do is to restart the computer and the router since in this way we allow all the network parameters to be refreshed and all the IP addresses to be reassigned through DHCP to our equipment and we can navigate again in a stable.

Set a static IP address

If restarting doesn’t fix the problem, it may be because we are using a static IP address . To make sure, from Windows 10, we open Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center.

In the Connections section we will find the name of our adapter, and there we will select the option “Change adapter configuration”, and from here we will right-click on “Properties”.

Now we select “Internet Protocol version 4” and then click again on “Properties”. Next, we must activate the “Use the following IP address” box. All that remains is to write both the IP address and the Gateway. In the case of DNS servers we can use some public ones like Google’s ( and

Once we finish we accept and the changes will be saved.

Reset IP address using command prompt

Finally, we can make a readjustment in the IP configuration using the line of system symbols, for which we must access as administrator, right-clicking and clicking on “Run as administrator”. Now we must execute the following commands:

  • netsh int ip reset c: reset-log.txt
  • ipconfig / release
  • ipconfig / renew

Once done, we must restart the computer for the changes to be applied.

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