Disable annoying error messages when connecting to usb in windows

The USB drives are designed to connect and disconnect they could be of any computer or device, quickly, safely and without loss of data. However, if we usually connect many devices (computers, consoles, televisions, multimedia players, etc.) to the memory, surely the integrity of the data appears as “damaged”, and the error message will always appear when connecting the USB to the PC.

When we connect a damaged USB to the computer, Windows will warn us that there may be a problem with this memory and will allow us to examine the unit and repair any data that appears, or continue without examining to access the data directly.

What does the error message of a damaged USB mean

Of course, something that we must take into account at this point is that when this message appears it does not mean that the USB memory has been damaged. In the same way, this does not mean that by accident we have lost the data that we had stored in it, the consequences can be much less. And it is that in reality what happens is that as each device, where we include televisions and multimedia players, use these USB memories in their own way, they break the Windows data validation systems. Due to all this, when connecting a key used in another device on the PC, it is most likely that the operating system shows us this error message, although it is useless.

Therefore we can assure you that in most cases in which you encounter this problem before, the data is still in the USB storage memory. This means that in reality we have not lost absolutely any, while the device is still in perfect working order. What’s more, as many of you will have seen first-hand, if we continue without examining the message, we will see that all the information is there, intact.

How to deal with the USB damaged error message

At the same time, it may be the case that we wonder if it is advisable to examine and repair the USB memory when we see this message. Well, we could say that it is recommended, although not essential. We tell you this because the process itself will help us avoid other problems that may occur in the long run, although it is rare. In the event that we plan to connect the USB to the TV again, this will not help, since the message will appear again the next time we do it.

Therefore, as in most cases, we will want the message not to appear. If we are bothered by this message we are talking about and we do not want it to appear every time we connect a USB drive, so we can easily disable it.

Disable error messages when connecting a USB in Windows 10

At this point we will tell you that the fastest and easiest way to disable these error messages is from the Windows Settings menu itself. To do this, we will simply enter this menu with the Windows + I keyboard shortcut and move to the « Devices> USB « section.

In the new window that appears on the screen we will be able to see a series of options. These will vary based on the computer and the version of Windows that we have. With everything and with this, they will allow us to configure this behavior of the message that we have described. The one that really interests us in this case is the first one: « Notify me if there is a problem when connecting with USB devices «.

As you can imagine, at first we just have to uncheck that box and that’s it. Thus, from now on, when we connect a USB memory to Windows, it will no longer warn us if there is a problem with it. At that moment the action that in most cases we need here will take place. By this we mean that the File Explorer with its content will be opened directly . This option also hides any other error messages that may occur when using USB memory sticks. But of course, we will not see this when there are problems when recognizing them on the PC or with damaged real memories.

Of course, in the event that the memory has an internal problem, the typical notification will continue to appear in the Windows notification area.

How to disable USB Drive notification in Windows

Say that the aforementioned notice from the notification center will appear when we connect a USB memory to the computer. This is something that occurs independently of whether or not we have the previous option marked. With this we refer to the option that we have just reviewed that we see in Settings. But with everything and with it, this is something very simple to deactivate, as we are going to see.

To do this, when the notification appears, we simply have to right-click on it. Next we must choose the option called « Deactivate all notifications for automatic reproduction «.

From that moment on we will have everything ready. This means that from now on, when we connect a USB memory, even if it has an error, no message will appear in our Windows 10. Of course, at this point where Windows does not warn us, it is recommended have these memories controlled to avoid possible data loss. To do this, it is enough to analyze them manually from time to time, especially if we are not going to use them more in other devices such as the ones mentioned above, especially in some more particular ones such as TVs or consoles.

And it is necessary to bear in mind that in these times, these storage devices are very used in the day to day with Windows. That is why the messages to which we have referred before, can become somewhat annoying, something that we can solve in a few steps and time, as we have verified. Of course, we must also do our part to take care of their real integrity.

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