Delete the “camera album” and “saved images” folders from windows

When we install a new copy of the Windows 10 operating system on the computer, the software itself includes a series of applications and content that are added by default. Much has already been said about the UWPs that we find in these cases, now we will talk about some of the folders.

Specifically, we want to focus on those folders that we find in the clean installations of Windows 10 and that the system uses by default for certain tasks. There are several elements of this type to which we can refer, but in these lines we will focus on two of them. We are talking about the so-called Camera Album and Saved Images.

These are two folders that come with Windows 10 by default, so if you don’t use them, they don’t make much sense. The problem is that we cannot eliminate them in the usual way, something for which we are going to help you along these lines. At first, if we take a look inside both folders, we may find them empty. The first of them Camera Album is used by the Camera application itself to store the photos and videos created.

What are the Camera Album and Saved Pictures folders

At the same time, the second one is used by Windows 10’s built-in app, Photos. Therefore it could be said that these two applications are the reason why these folders exist sometimes annoying. But if we do not usually use these, it is very likely that these folders are empty, so they are unnecessary. At first we might think that we have the possibility of deleting these folders like any other, but it is not like that.

Although the traditional method works temporarily, both folders will reappear a few minutes later, whether we use the aforementioned applications, or not. Therefore we are going to need a little more work to delete these folders permanently. Of course, at the same time we have the possibility of moving or hiding them if you want a less radical solution.

Delete Camera Album and Saved Pictures forever

Say that to delete these two elements that we are talking about definitively, since they are linked to the Camera and Photos applications , we will have to uninstall these. This means that we will have to get rid of both Windows 10 apps. Of course, since they are implemented with the operating system, they cannot be uninstalled as we would with a normal program.

Therefore, in this case we are going to use PowerShell to uninstall, a functionality that we will also have to run as administrator. Thus, to uninstall the camera application we will use the command Get-AppxPackage * windowscamera * | Remove-AppxPackage. In the same way and to uninstall Photos we will have to use the command Get-AppxPackage * photos * | Remove-AppxPackage.

Of course, once all this is done, we must bear in mind that we will no longer be able to have these apps in the future. Therefore, if later we want to reinstall those applications or any other Windows that we have removed, we will use the following command in PowerShell as well, Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage –DisableDevelopmentM.

Move these folders out of sight

On the other hand we will tell you that by default we see both folders within the Images folder, but we have the possibility to easily move them to any other site. That is something we will have to do with each folder separately. To do this, the first thing we do is place ourselves on any of them and click with the right mouse button .

Next we go to Properties and to the tab called Location. Here we will see that there is a field in which we can enter the path of the folder to which we want the folder to move, as simple as that. Therefore we will only have to choose a new path, a little more hidden, where we want the folder to be saved. We will have to follow the same steps with the second one.

Hide the folders that we want to have in view

Now we are going to hide Camera Album and Saved Images so that they are visible to us and thus stop unnecessarily bothering us. It should be mentioned that this is something that we can carry out with any other folder on the disk drives that we want. In this way we can get rid of those contents that we cannot delete but that do more than bother us when browsing with the File Explorer.

Therefore, the first thing we have to do is open a new window of the aforementioned Explorer, and go to the path where both folders are, in Images. Then we will have to select both at the same time, something that we achieve by marking them with the CTRL key pressed at the same time.


At this point, in the upper right part of the Explorer window , a new button called Hide Selected Items will appear. This will give way to a new window so that we can further customize how we want to “hide” these two folders. We tell you this because at the same time we will have the possibility to specify if we only want to hide these two marked elements, or if we also want to do it with their content.

In this way we will get rid, at least visually, of the two elements that are bothering us and of which we have spoken. With everything and with this, as we have taught you, we can also move or permanently delete these two folders, often unnecessary, from Windows.

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