Customize your game captures in the windows 10 game bar to improve webcasting

As we have been able to verify throughout the most recent updates to Windows 10, Microsoft is working to improve the experience for players. To begin with, the firm implements and improves the functions related to these games on our PCs.

In addition, another movement that is being carried out little by little is the joint work and synchronization of our Xbox One with the Windows 10 computer. All of this is part of Redmond’s efforts to create a single platform centered on the same operating system. Therefore, for all this, important changes and improvements are being carried out in both products.

In fact, there are already games that we can enjoy both on the console and on the PC, with a single subscription to Game Pass Ultimate, for example. At the same time we have a game mode included in the operating system with which the experience when playing is improved. In the same way, the use of notifications or other elements of the system is optimized when we are in our leisure moments. Thus, one of the functions that has gradually gained importance in Windows 10 is known as Game Bar.

From it we can carry out a multitude of functions and actions, all of them related to games in Windows 10. These refer to both local treatments and through the Internet, so a good configuration of it is very important. This is something that becomes especially important if we are very assiduous to this type of entertainment software.

Improve and adapt the game captures of the Windows 10 Game Bar

Therefore, in these same lines, we are going to show you the easiest way to adapt the game capture mode in Windows 10. So we can, if we wish, transmit them over the Internet in a way that is more in line with the equipment and connection that we have. This is something that we can carry out easily from the System Configuration application .

Well, to begin with, what we must do is access this functionality through the “Win + I” key combination. In the window that appears we will see a “Games” section, which is what interests us in this case. Thus, on the left side of the interface, we see the “Captures” section, where we click to see the customization options that we have.

To begin with, we will see that we can change the default disk path where these will be saved. However, the most interesting is found a little further down, since we can customize the maximum duration of the captured videos, the quality of the audio, or if we want this sound to be attached to the video.

Likewise, with regard to the video as such, we can also adjust the quality in which we want to capture it, normal or high, as well as the fps we want to use, 30 or 60. All this we will have to adjust depending on the needs or claims that we have in each case.

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