Create shortcut and keyboard shortcut to shut down your Windows 10 PC

Sometimes we feel the need for a simpler and faster way to shut down our computer. In this post we will see how you can create a shortcut with commands to turn off your Windows 10 PC.

Shutting down or restarting your computer is not very difficult actually, you can even program your PC to shut down automatically. Here I will help you create shortcuts so that you can quickly execute Windows shutdown options.

You can turn off, restart, log off, suspend or hibernate your computer by double-clicking on the shortcut or with a keyboard shortcut.

Commands to shut down Windows

Here are the commands that we are going to use to create the shortcuts:

  1. Command to shut down PC:
    • shutdown -s -t 0
  2. Command to restart PC:
    • shutdown -r -t 0
  3. To log out:
    • shutdown -l -t 0
  4. To suspend or hibernate your computer:
    • rundll32.exe powrprof.dll, SetSuspendState 0,1,0

Remember that you can also use these same commands directly from the Run window to shut down, restart, log off or suspend your PC.

Shortcut to shutdown and restart Windows PC

The steps below are very simple and will help you create shortcuts to shut down, restart, log off or suspend your computer.

# 1. Right- click on an empty area on the desktop and select New > Shortcut.

# 2. In the first box of the Create Shortcut wizard , type the appropriate command.

# 3. Click Next.

# 4. Enter a name for the shortcut and click Finish. If you are creating the shortcut to shut down Windows 10, you can name it as Shut down.

# 5. Then select a suitable icon for the function of the created shortcut:

  • Right-click on the newly created shortcut and select Properties.
  • On the Shortcut tab , press the Change Icon button .
  • Select one of the system icons or find the icon of your choice and click OK.

# 6. Repeat the steps to create shortcuts to shut down, restart, log out, hibernate, or suspend the computer.

Just make sure to enter the respective command in step # 2 and select an appropriate icon for each case.

When you have finished creating your shortcuts, you just have to double click on any of them to execute the programmed function. Either to shut down, restart, log off or suspend your computer.

Create keyboard shortcuts to shut down your PC

With the shortcuts created to execute shutdown functions of the operating system, you can also configure keyboard shortcuts. These will help you to quickly shut down, restart, log off and suspend your PC with a combination of keys.

  • Right- click on the shortcut and select Properties.
  • On the Shortcut tab , go to the Shortcut Key text field .
  • Then press the key combination you want to use and click OK.
  • Make sure it’s not a common one so you don’t accidentally shut down your computer.

You can continue with the other shortcuts, if you also want to set keyboard shortcuts for them.

From then on it will be much easier for you to turn off your computer, not only with shortcuts on your desktop but also with keyboard shortcuts.

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