Configure the recording of your games directly in windows

The use of games on the PC platform stops us from growing over the years, something that many of you are probably fully aware of. In addition, this is something that one of the most important software giants in the world such as Microsoft takes into account. That is why it tries to greatly improve this very section in one of its star products, Windows 10.

In fact, as new versions of the most used operating system in the desktop sector have been arriving, we have seen certain improvements here. With this, what we really want to tell you is that those of Redmond know that a growing number of users are opting to use their Windows computer to enjoy their favorite titles. Thus, what is tried is to facilitate all this in several ways. On the one hand, Microsoft tries to adapt the overall performance of the computer for when we run a software of this type.

Windows 10, a system increasingly prepared to play

With this, what is really achieved is that the most modern and demanding games can work with the maximum guarantees on a Windows PC. A clear example of all this is known as Windows 10 Game Mode .

Basically what it does is reserve most of the team’s resources for the execution of the game once we start it. In this way, it prioritizes this specific process over any other program that we are running. But of course, something that we must bear in mind is that for all this, the available hardware also has a lot to do with it.

In addition, on the other hand, the Redmond firm also tries to give all the facilities and possibilities to its clients to play. With this, what we want to tell you is that over time they add new functions, as is the case that we are going to talk about in these same lines. Of course, another point that we must take into account is that the software giant not only helps common players, but also those who go one step further. By this, what we mean is that they offer facilities for those who transmit their games directly

Specifically, here we refer to everything that we can find in the so-called Windows 10 Game Bar. This is an element integrated into the system that presents us with a good number of functions for this that we are commenting on.

Game bar parameters for game transmission

Thus, as you can imagine, this game bar to which we refer, despite not being very popular, can be very useful. In it we find social functions to play, informative PC widgets, taking screenshots, managing groups in games, etc. At the same time, as we mentioned before, we can also transmit and record our own games in Windows.

But of course, in order to carry out this that we discussed in the best way, first we must take into account a series of configuration parameters. They will allow us to configure and personalize this transmission in the best possible way, as we will show you.

Access the Game Bar to configure the transmission

But of course, first of all what we must do is access the Game Bar that we have talked about. Well, this is something that we can achieve quickly and easily through the Win + G key combination . Here several sections corresponding to it will appear, some of them in the form of widgets that we can even always leave in view.

But that is not what really interests us in this case. Here what we are looking for are the parameters that we can configure when transmitting content. Well, at the top of the screen we find what the Game Bar is as such, so we click on its configuration button. This is represented by a cogwheel, on the right side of it, where we click. At that time, a new window will appear, which will allow us to configure the sections that make up this element of Windows 10.

Customize game recordings in Windows

Well, once we are in this window that we mentioned, on the right side of it we will see several sections. The one that interests us in this case is the one that reads Capturing. At this point, say that from here we will have the opportunity to, of course, activate the recording in the background every time I start a game. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that we can also indicate to Windows the type of content that we are going to capture for later transmission.

And it is that in addition to the image of the game as such, other elements such as audio, for example, also come into play here. That is why the Game Bar itself allows us to specify the type of content with which we are going to deal. Thus, just by modifying the selectors that are disabled by default, we can customize those recordings. We will have the possibility to tell the system to capture the audio of the microphone in the games, everything that Windows itself emits in the form of sound, including notifications, or disable everything except the image.

It must be borne in mind that depending on what we plan to do with these recorded games, we must admit a series of contents or others. With everything and with this, as we can see, this is a function directly integrated into Windows that does not allow to carry out these tasks with the games without using external applications. This shows part of the efforts that Microsoft itself is making to improve and facilitate the use of the PC platform to have a good time with your favorite titles.

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