Capture the applications that do not allow it with this trick

Taking screenshots is a task that is very easy to use from a Windows computer and that will help us to obtain a fragment of a web page that we are viewing, but it is not always possible. If we want to capture with some type of content that has a DRM code, it will not be possible to capture as this option is disabled by default. That is why we will need to use a third-party application like Sandboxie.

What is DRM and what is it used for

The DRM is the initials of Digital Rights Management or also known as an anti-copy program. The use of DRM is applied in creative mediums such as music, movies, books, etc. In this way, copyright publishers and tutorials such as Sony, Netflix or Microsoft are responsible for limiting its use on digital devices or unauthorized persons.

To be able to take screenshots of applications that make use of the DRM system, we can use a sandbox like Sandboxie. The only drawback is that we can only use it for desktop applications, and it is not valid for UWP applications. Of course, then we must be careful with the use we make of these screenshots that we make in the way that we describe below. And the fact is that if these cameras are protected or blocked from entry by the developers of the program or platform, it is for something. Hence, later, once we have bypassed that blockage, we take certain precautions when using these new camcorded images.

Therefore, if they are for a totally personal use, probably nothing will happen, since they will not pass from our team. At the same time, what we do not recommend under any circumstances is to make a commercial or lucrative use of them. This could even lead to legal problems with the creators of these captured content, or at least create some problems that we surely want to avoid in most cases.

Use Sandboxie to capture app screenshots that block them

The first thing we must do is download Sandboxie from its official page completely free of charge. The application is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10 in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Once we download and install it, we proceed to install it, since we can do it as with any other application we have on our PC.

Once installed, we execute it and a window will appear with the main menu of the application. Now we will have to click on the “Sandbox” tab at the top and then on “Create New Sandbox” and assign it a new name. We can create as many sandboxes as we want and thus differentiate them by name.

Once we have created it, it will appear in the main menu of the application. Now we will click on the sandbox created with the right button and pass the cursor over the first option “Run Isolated in a Sandbox”. A drop-down menu will open with different execution options, such as a web browser, email or Windows Explorer. We will use, for example, the web browser function, which will open the web browser that we have enabled by default.

Once it is running, we will see a yellow border around the browser, indicating that the application is running. This way it will not detect any keyboard or mouse input, as it is disabled in the background and running under a sandbox.

Now we can use any tool to capture the screen or use the screen capture command that comes by default in Windows 10, the “print screen” button. This works perfectly with Netflix running from a browser or any other DRM-protected page. Of course, we must make sure when performing this action that the data used will not be misused, since these companies disable screenshots, they do so to protect the content from plagiarism or keep confidential data safe.

The virtual machine and its use to bypass restrictions on captures

The use of virtual machines has become increasingly popular in recent years. With them we can create a kind of virtual computer that resides in memory, where we can run any other operating system, such as another older version of Windows or even Linux. These virtual machines only exist in the memory of our computer, so nothing we do in it will affect our main operating system.

Thanks to the use of a virtual machine, we can also bypass the restrictions of any application or page when taking a screenshot. For this, it will only be necessary to run the web or the application from which we want to take the screenshot from the virtual machine. Once we are running it, we can take the screen capture from our main system. For this we will use the “print screen” key that should be located in the upper right part of our keyboard. Later we open Paint and we hit «Paste», so that the perfect capture appears in full.

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