Can not see the image or the pc screen does not work? This is how you solve it

There are many basic components that are part of the whole of our PC and that we choose carefully to work in the best way. As expected, the most used operating system such as Windows, must recognize them without problem and so we can get the most out of them.

When we refer to these basic components, we are actually talking about such popular and used elements as the mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc. Thus, what we are talking about is elements without which we could hardly work with the Redmond system or the installed applications. Therefore, initially, Windows itself is responsible for providing us with the best possible experience so that we can make the most of these elements that we add to the PC.

But as surely many of you have been able to see first-hand, this is not always the case. And it is that more times than we would like, problems and failures appear that hinder the proper functioning of the equipment. These usually occur many times unexpectedly and for unknown reasons. Whether at work or in our spare time, when any of this happens, it is a major annoyance. Well, along these lines we are going to focus on one of the most important hardware elements, such as the computer monitor or screen.

It is evident that without that specific component, it will be extremely difficult for us to work with the team in Windows. That is why we have to try to solve the problem as soon as possible to be able to return to normal with the computer. Thus, in the next few lines we are going to show you a series of possible solutions for the problems that may appear with the monitor in Windows.

The display connector on the PC

Although at first it may seem a bit obvious, it will never hurt to check the physical connector that connects both devices. For whatever reason at the time it may not be connected properly due to a pull on the cable or some movement of the CPU. That is why the first step is to make sure that the connection cable is perfectly connected at both ends.

If we see that this does not solve it, if our CPU has more than one input for the monitor, it would not hurt to try the alternative. In addition, we also recommend that you take a look at the power cable, since it may also have been disconnected by accident.

Check the settings in Windows

It can also be the case that instead of it being completely black, the screen looks bad. This can be given with the colors that appear, with the sources, images, videos, etc. Say that this failure may be due to a misconfiguration of this component in the operating system itself. And is that for some reason, this component can be deconfigured in Windows suddenly. When this happens on many occasions, the reason is usually for a new application that we have installed and that modifies these parameters. Therefore, to reconfigure the monitor correctly, the first thing we do is right-click on the desktop.

In the contextual menu of the system that appears, we opted for the option called Display Settings. This will lead us directly to the Windows Configuration application . Specifically to the System / Screen section, where we can see various parameters of this device that we have the possibility to configure. To give us an idea, here Windows allows us to deal with parameters of the importance of the size of the texts in the system, the screen resolution, their orientation, etc.

At the same time, it presents us with some additional functions to sleep better or that the monitor does not damage our eyes when there is little light. Therefore, in addition to configuring aspects such as resolution, we must also make sure that none of this is activated. And this may be the reason that this device does not look good.

Check the brightness configured in the system

In the same way, we can also find ourselves in the situation where we see that the image shown is too dark, or quite the opposite. Sometimes the brightness of it can be annoying, especially when using certain applications in Windows. In this case, it may be that accidentally, or by some program, the brightness that we had configured has been changed. Therefore and to correct this section, we only have to access the Notification Manager.

This is located in the lower right corner of the Windows desktop, so we click to open it. Among many other things, at the bottom we find a sliding bar that corresponds to the brightness adjustment of the screen. Therefore, it is enough that we move it to adapt this section to what we need at that moment.

Update Windows Drivers

Another possible reason for the image to be seen more on the PC screen is that its drivers or drivers are not correct. In the same way, it can also be because they are damaged or simply are not updated. Be that as it may, this is something that has an easy solution. For this we will have to access the Device Manager of the operating system. We can do this by right-clicking on the Start menu button.

Well, once the window of the aforementioned Device Manager opens, we will see a list with all the components of the equipment. In it, the entry that we have to locate in this case is the one called Display adapters. Then we right-click on it to see its contextual menu. Thus, from there we will have the opportunity to click on Update the driver.

In addition, on the other hand, we can also click on Uninstall the device so that Windows itself can detect the screen again and activate and configure it again.

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