Can not activate windows? So you can solve the problems

If you have bought a key to activate Windows 10 and it gives you an error message indicating that it is not correct, or that it does not work, try the following solutions that may help you and prevent this message from coming out again.

If we want to activate a key which we have bought, but the error appears and we cannot do it, we will follow the steps. But it must be clarified that, if we try to activate a pirated key this will not work. It could also have been the case that the key that we have bought is from an unreliable external seller and he has given us a pirated or false key.

Another option for which you may have lost the key or cannot enter it is that you have changed the hardware of your computer, and therefore it does not recognize it. In either case, we will follow the instructions.

How to fix errors when activating Windows 10

Activating Windows is a fairly straightforward process, and problems are rare. But the probability that something goes wrong and we run into any kind of error is always there. Therefore, before looking at the most common errors that we can find, we must see what is the best way to address and solve them.

Use the troubleshooter

Windows 10 has a large number of tools designed to allow us to detect and correct the most common errors and failures in the different elements of the operating system. And of course we will find a troubleshooter for the operating system activation process.

To run it, first we will go to the Windows startup and in the search engine we write “Troubleshoot activation problems.” The window will appear like the following one from which we will open the solver.

From this new window we will run into a similar error message. Whenever we have a problem with the activation, this option will appear. Otherwise it will not appear.

Once we have the window open and we can execute said “Troubleshoot” option, we will do so and follow the wizard. If it does not find the problem, and cannot activate our equipment, it will give us the option to buy the key, but also an option which says “I have recently changed the hardware of this device.” If this has been the case in your case, for that reason the key is not available, so you will click there and log in.

After restarting the computer, the problems should be gone.

Change product key

If we have updated our Windows 7 operating system to Windows 10, it may be the case that the system incorporates this key and is giving us the error mentioned before.

To solve this error we will delete the Windows key that we currently have with the following commands:

First we run the Windows cmd as Administrator, for this Start> CMD> Run as administrator

Once inside we will need to know the «activation ID» to eliminate it, which we will obtain by executing: » slmgr.vbs / dlv »

It will launch a new tab like this one, and we will point that ID to indicate it later.

When we have the specified ID we will execute the command slmgr / upk «Activation ID»

It will send us a message confirming that we have deleted the key, then it will only be necessary to re-enter the new key, and check if we have been able to activate Windows successfully.

If, on the other hand, it still does not allow us to activate Windows and it continues to show us the error 0xc0020036, we will continue with the last option.

Contact Microsoft Activation Support Center

The last option we have is to contact support, who are specialized in this and can notify us exactly what our problem is. It is very possible that they request information from us, the place where we obtained the key.

To access the website and get help from the support, you must enter the following link.

Main errors when activating Windows

Although we can find a large number of errors and problems, these are the most frequent and common that we can find, along with their solutions.

Error 0xc0020036

This error generally indicates that, for whatever reason, we do not have a valid digital license to activate the operating system. If we are experiencing error 0xc0020036 when activating Windows, the first thing we are going to try is to run the troubleshooter and analyze the correct functioning of the Windows activator. In many cases this solves this error since it can lead to the problem.

Once you log into your Microsoft account, if the key was linked there, Windows will be activated correctly without showing the error 0xc0020036 again.

Error 0xC004F074

This error is related to the key management service, and it is very common when they are used. or have used, KMS-based triggers. The error message 0xC004F074 indicates that the Software Licensing Service cannot be activated because it could not connect to the Key Management Service or KMS.

To solve this error, the first thing to do is to check that we have indeed entered the license key correctly. Otherwise, this could be the cause. Also, it often helps to reactivate Windows from CMD. To do this, in a console window with administrator permissions we will execute “slmgr.vbs / upk” to delete the current key, while then we will type “slmgr.vbs / ipk <PRODUCT KEY>” to add the new key to the system.

Error 0xC004F078

This error is closely related to the previous one. When we see it, what the code 0xC004F078 tells us is that the software licensing service reported that the key does not match a valid one. The way to solve this message, roughly, is the same as the previous error.

Error 0xC004F012

Generally, this error 0xC004F012 when activating Windows 10 is due to the fact that some library related to licenses is not installed on the PC, or has been damaged for some reason. This error is quite common in the first installation of the system, although it can also appear after some important Windows update.

The quickest and most efficient solution is usually to rebuild the Tokens.dat file. To do this, what we must do is go to the section “C: /Windows/System32/SPP/Store/2.0” and rename the tokens.dat file to tokens.old, for example. After doing so, we open a CMD window with Administrator permissions, and execute the following commands:

  • net start sppsvc
  • cscript.exe slmgr.vbs / rilc

Once this is done, we reboot the system twice and then we go to the Windows 10 configuration page (Windows + I) and enter Update and security> Activation. From there we will launch the problem solver that will appear. When done, the last step is to reopen a CMD window with administrator permissions and run “slmgr.vbs.ipk <product key>”, followed by the command “slmgr.vbs / ato” and you’re done.

We already have Windows activated and working.

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