Bluetooth device does not work in Windows 10

If the Bluetooth device does not work for you on your Windows 10 computer , in this post we will try to fix it with several suggestions that you can easily try yourself.

Today users can connect all kinds of peripherals, including speakers and headphones, via Bluetooth and get excellent audio quality. You can even do a variety of things, like share an Internet connection via Bluetooth, and connect game controllers wirelessly. If Bluetooth has suddenly stopped working on your Windows 10 computer, try the following.

Bluetooth not working in Windows 10

If the Bluetooth device has stopped working on your computer, try the solutions below.

1. Update the Bluetooth driver

Bluetooth drivers are supposed to update automatically, but that doesn’t always happen for various reasons. In that case, you must proceed to update the drivers manually with these steps:

  • Open Device Manager and expand the group of Bluetooth devices .
  • Right- click on the Bluetooth device  and select the Update Driver option .
  • Let Windows 10 search for drivers and install available updates.
  • Restart the system.

2. Revert Bluetooth update

Bluetooth driver updates are done automatically and do not always take compatibility into account. Your Bluetooth driver may have been updated to a newer version that is not compatible with your version of Windows 10. Try to roll back the device driver that was working.

  • Open Device Manager and expand the Bluetooth group .
  • Right- click on the Bluetooth device  and select Properties.
  • On the Driver tab , click  Revert to previous driver.
  • Then let the driver be removed and the old one to install.
  • Restart the system.

3. Reactivate Bluetooth in BIOS

Some systems have an option in the BIOS to enable or disable Bluetooth. If you’ve updated the BIOS recently, the update may have disabled Bluetooth or it may have been done by mistake.

  • Open your computer’s BIOS.
  • Look for any area related to hardware and its configuration.
  • Find the Bluetooth option and enable it.
  • Restart to Windows 10.
  • Open Action Center (Win + A) and turn on Bluetooth.

4. Uninstall Windows updates

Windows 10 is constantly updated, and such updates can cause hardware problems, especially features. If updates have recently been installed and suspect that they may be the cause of the problem, you can uninstall them:

  • Open the Control Panel.
  • Go to  Programs > Uninstall a program.
  • Then click  View installed updates  in the left column.
  • Select an update and double-click it to uninstall it.
  • Restart the system and check if your Bluetooth works.

5. Roll back Windows 10 feature update

If your Bluetooth stopped working after installing a feature update, the update may be the problem. In that case, you can resort to updating the driver as suggested in the first solution. If this is not resolved, you should consider rolling back the Windows 10 update until Microsoft recognizes and resolves the problem.

  • Open the Settings app and go to the Update & Security group.
  • Select the Recovery tab .
  • In the  Revert to the previous version of Windows 10 section, click the Get started button  .
  • Then Windows 10 will revert to the previous version using the files in the Windows.old folder.

NOTE: Remember that the option to revert to the previous version will not be available after 10 days of updating.

6. Check for physical damage

Bluetooth works thanks to a chip in your computer. It is not easy to damage this component if you take care of your PC. But if the computer has been dropped or something liquid has been spilled, any hardware component can be affected. In that case, you should check for any hardware damage or rather have someone qualified do it for you.


If Bluetooth doesn’t work in Windows 10 after updating the system, the problem is usually software related. In this case, an incompatible driver or a faulty update would be the most likely culprit.

If you suspect hardware damage, you won’t be able to fix it by removing or updating the drivers. If the above solutions fail and there are no visible signs of physical damage, it may still be helpful to verify the system with a local technician.

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