Avoid the consumption of windows resources by deleting your phone

The synchronization between all devices is something that in these times, do not stop to develop many large software firms. Here giants like Google or Microsoft come into play. In fact, here we are going to focus on the latter, where the Windows operating system and the Your Phone application are very important.

In fact, this one that we are commenting on is a very important project for those from Redmond, something that has been demonstrating over the last few months. And it is that as we have been able to see at this point, and what we still have, is that the firm is putting a lot of effort in everything related to this app. What’s more, as we told you recently, it does not stop growing and receiving new functions in order to be able to interact in a more profound way with our mobile terminal.

How to download and what can I do with Your Phone

Thus, what is intended with all this is that the rapport between the phone and Windows 10 is increasing and we can even run applications from it, on the PC. This is something that will soon reach everyone and that will be a big step for the near future of Your Phone.

Thus, as we told you, Your Microsoft phone is an application designed so that a smartphone based on the Android system and a PC with Windows 10 work together. In this way and thanks to this application, we can stay updated about the latest notifications we receive in the terminal without having to unlock it. It also allows us to receive and send text messages from the Windows PC, or even manage and make use of telephone calls directly from the desktop computer. If you want to do with it, already updated, here we leave you the corresponding link.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Of course, we must take one thing into account so that your phone can keep us up to date with all the notifications we receive on the Smartphone. And the application must necessarily be running in the background while the PC is on. This, on many occasions, translates into a high consumption of resources by the team itself. In fact, this is something that is especially evident when we have an old PC or something limited in terms of specifications.

Disadvantages that Your Phone presents us

To say that, as many of you already know, when an application runs in the background it consumes resources, in addition to reducing the autonomy of laptops. We tell you all this because in certain cases, some users may decide not to have the aforementioned Your Phone app. Thus, if we do not have it installed on the computer, we prevent it from consuming computer resources or consuming energy unnecessarily.

On the other hand, it can also be the case that we want or need to use the functions offered by the app, but without it always running in the background. If this is the case you find yourself in, you have the opportunity to follow these simple steps. Specifically, these will help us to end the Your Phone process. In addition and in parallel, we managed to run it in the background and stop consuming Windows resources. In addition, we will already have them available for other more urgent tasks to carry out in the operating system.

Deactivate Your Phone from Settings

Therefore, the first thing we must do to prevent the Windows program from running in the background is to access the System Configuration application . We enter it through the Win + I key combination, where we click on the Privacy section.

Once we are in the Privacy section, in the left part of the window that appears, we see an entry called Background applications. We click on it, to find the selector that allows us to deactivate the execution of these elements in the operating system. We see this in the upper part of the window.

Now you will see a button that allows you to disable all applications (including your phone) so that they do not run in the background.

Of course, it can also be the case that we do not want to deactivate the execution in the background of all the apps installed on Windows. So, if we want to be a little more selective and just disable the Your Phone application, we can do it. For this we only have to scroll down the page where we are. So the next step will be to locate the specific app that interests us in this case to be able to deactivate the corresponding switch located next to it.

With this, what we achieve is that Your Phone can no longer run on the computer in the background and consume resources from it. In the same way, the rest of the apps that we find in the window, will be able to work in this way if necessary.

Delete Your Phone from Windows via PowerShell

At the same time we must bear in mind that this is not the only way to get rid of the Windows program that we are talking about. We tell you this because there is another way to deactivate the application so that it does not run in the background, but a little more radical. Specifically, we refer to the possibility of permanently uninstalling Your Phone from the system itself. It is clear that this prevents us from running in the background and without our being aware of it.

Thus, if this is what we want to do, we can always follow the following steps. To begin we click with the right mouse button on the Windows Start button. Here we will already have the possibility to select Windows PowerShell (Administrator). This is a functionality that most of the time we must execute with administrator permissions to avoid restrictions. Therefore, in the new window that appears on the screen, we will have to copy and paste the following command: Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage.

As we mentioned, with this what we achieve is that the program as such disappears from Windows 10. This way it will no longer bother us, but we will not be able to take advantage of its functionalities either. With everything and with this, we will always have the possibility of reinstalling it in the future from the link that we showed you previously.

Reasons we may need to reinstall Your Phone

With all this that we have commented to you, what we really achieve is that the computer consumes less resources in a program that we do not use installed in the operating system. The same happens with the space it occupies, although it is not much, it does not make sense to waste it. This is something that is especially evident in older or limited PCs in terms of their internal specifications. But with all and with it, there is something that we must bear in mind.

By this we mean that everything related to the mobile market is constantly growing, and Microsoft was not going to be less. The firm works hard on the development and improvement of Your Phone with new and more advanced functions, all with the aim of being able to control the terminal from Windows itself. That is why possibly in the future we will have to undo the steps we have taken along these lines.

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