All the passwords of the wifi networks saved in windows

One of the first things we look for when we arrive, for example, to a place with our laptop to work, is the WiFi connection. If we use a Windows PC, which is the most common, as you know, the system remembers the WiFi passwords that we entered in the past.

This will be very useful to us to a great extent because when we return to that same site we do not have to retype the corresponding WiFi password. But there may come a time when, if we have several of these keys stored in the system, we want to take a look at them. That is why in these same lines we are going to explain how you can achieve what we are saying.

In fact we are going to show you several ways to achieve this and thus be able to see on the screen all the passwords of the WiFi to which we have connected over time. It is evident that all this is lost if we reinstall Windows from scratch or format the PC, as you can imagine. And it may be the case that we want to share a WiFi password with another person but we cannot remember it. This can happen both with our own, as with another that we have typed in the past. If necessary, you can use one of these methods to reveal the password stored in the system.

Obviously, all this will be very useful to us, since when we access that network again, we will not have to enter the credentials again, such as the password. However, accessing this data that Windows 10 stores by default cannot be done directly, but we will show you how to achieve it. For example, it may be the case that, for whatever reason, we need to see the WiFi password in Windows 10 of one of those networks.

View Windows WiFi passwords

As we mentioned before, we are going to talk about different methods to see the WiFi passwords in Windows 10. First of all we are going to achieve it from the operating system itself . And it is necessary to bear in mind that the Windows system itself offers us a huge number of its own functions, some more visible than others. Therefore, it is always advisable to know some that are somewhat less affordable, but that will be very helpful, as is the case at hand.

View WiFi key in Windows 10 from CMD

To start with all this we will tell you that one of the simplest and most affordable methods to see the WiFi passwords saved in Windows 10 is this. In particular we refer to the use of the command prompt or CMD. Therefore with this method we do not need to download or install anything additional on the PC. All we have to do is open a command prompt window. We do this by typing the CMD command in the search box next to the Start menu.

Once we have the corresponding window on the screen, yes, open with administrator permissions, we execute the following command : netsh wlan show profile. Say that this command shows us a list with all saved WiFi networks and to which the PC has connected. Well, after that we execute this command to see the saved passwords of the selected WiFi netsh wlan show profile WiFi_NAME key = clear.

Next we find several specifications about that same WiFi network that we have specified together with the saved password. In this way we will obtain interesting information from the networks to which we have connected at some point.

View WiFi passwords in Windows from PowerShell

In a similar way this is something that we can also carry out from the PowerShell of the operating system, let’s see how to do it. To do this, the first thing we do is go to the aforementioned integrated PowerShell application . This is something we can do just by looking for it in the search box of the system Start menu. Then a window will appear so that we can enter the corresponding commands that interest us in this specific case. Thus, next, as in the previous case, we are going to see on the screen the WiFi networks that the system has been storing over time in order to know their names. To achieve this, we first enter the following command in the mentioned Windows PowerShell: netsh wlan show profiles.

Immediately on the screen will appear the names of the networks to which we connected in the past, so once we have that data, we can take the next step. This is not going to be other than to find out everything concerning those networks, including their access code. To do this again in the same PowerShell we write the following command: “netsh wlan show profile name =» NETWORK_NAME »key = clear”.

In the exposed command we replace the Network_name field with the exact name of the WiFi from which we want to obtain the aforementioned data, so that after that they will appear on the screen. Therefore, among all of them, if what really interests us is the access key, we will only have to locate the section called Key content.

View current WiFi password from Control Panel

Changing third, we will say that another simple method to see the WiFi passwords saved in Windows without installing anything, is using Windows Settings. For this we only have to open the Control Panel of the PC and go to the Network and Internet section. Next we click on the option Network and Shared Resources Center, where we can see the name of the WiFi that we have connected at that moment. Well, we click on that name of the WiFi network. Clicking on the name of the network opens the dialog with the connection status.

Say that here we have the possibility to see the properties of the wireless network. Therefore we only have to click on the Wireless Properties button and go to the Security tab.

Say that in this tab is where we can see the saved password that is hidden under asterisks by default. We simply mark the option that appears below it to be able to see the saved password.

View WiFi passwords with external programs

But that is not all that allows us to see the WiFi passwords saved in Windows. At the same time we have the possibility of using third-party solutions for this, as we are going to show you.

WiFi Profile Manager, exports the connection data with your password

This is the case of WiFi Profile Manager, a program that will reveal the WiFi passwords saved on a Windows PC. For this we only have to install this program and run it with administrator permissions. We will find a very simple interface to use, since by default it shows us the name of the current connection, its type, and security. Say that here we will see the WiFi networks that at some point in the past we connected from the PC.

Therefore, to obtain the saved passwords, we must export the details of some of the networks that appear here. This provides us with a file in XML format that contains the saved passwords for each of the WiFi networks, as well as other additional data. We can download the program from this link.

WiFi Manager, know all the details of WiFi

This is another free program that we can use to view saved WiFi passwords in Windows 10. It is actually a WiFi management application that lists all networks. It presents us with two panels, one so that we can see all current and available WiFi networks, and another that only shows saved WiFi networks.

Therefore, from the Network Management option of the program, we will have the possibility of obtaining details of the WiFi, where in addition, along with all that information, the password for it is also seen. To test it, we can download this program from here.

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