Add to clock to your windows 10 start menu with this trick

The Windows 10 start menu is a mix of two concepts. On the one hand we have a classic menu, similar in functions to Windows 7, from which we can launch any application installed on the computer, and on the other a mixture of the strange concept of Windows 8 with Live Tiles, the possibility of anchoring the applications that We want to always have them at hand and add widgets that allow us to have certain information, such as the weather forecast, in real time without opening any app.

Windows comes with a large number of apps installed by default. And most of these apps are designed to allow us to get the most out of the different elements of Windows. Thus, for example, these apps allow us to add Live Tiles to the start menu so that we can always have the information we want in view.

Surely most of us have a Live Tile to see the weather forecast, or the emails that enter our Outlook inbox. Well, with this trick we will be able to add a clock (or several clocks) to this start menu so that we can always have the time in sight.

Add a clock to the start menu

To add a widget with the time to the Windows 10 start menu we are going to use the app « Alarms and clock «, one of the apps that are installed by default in Windows 10. To do this, what we must do is open this app and we we move to the “Clock” tab .

Here we can see a map of the world in which, by default, we will see the time and date of our location. If we want to add two or more clocks, we can use the ” + ” button at the bottom and write in the bar that appears the name of the country we want to add.

This is necessary if we want to anchor two or more clocks to the start menu. If we only want to add our time, it is not necessary to do that step.

Then the next step will be to add the clock widget to the home menu. To do this, we will simply right-click on the time in our country and choose the option « Anchor at start «. The program will ask us if we want to add the time to the start menu, to which we will answer yes.

Clever. If we now open the start menu we can see that we already have a widget with the time of our country, a widget that is also updated in real time.

We can place this widget where we want within the start menu, as well as change its size so that it is aesthetically consistent with the rest of the elements in this menu.

And if we want to add two or more clocks, we simply have to repeat the process for each of the countries or time zones that we want to anchor here.

Hide the one in the system tray

Having two watches can be a bit redundant. Unless we are very concerned about the time and we want to always have it in sight. If this is not the case, and we do not want to have two or more clocks on our desktop, what we must do is open the Settings menu of our Windows 10, and go to the section « Personalization> Taskbar> Activate or deactivate system icons »And, there, we uncheck the clock box.

Clever. Now the clock on the Windows taskbar will have disappeared and we will only have the clock from the start menu, having our Windows 10 desktop more personalized and collected.

Other clock programs for Windows

If we do not like the clock that comes by default in Windows 10, it is possible to install other customization programs that allow us to install other clocks.


This program will help us to give a new touch of color and personalization to the Windows desktop. Personalization allows us to choose the type of background, which can be a solid color, a gradient or an image. We can also choose to use multiple images from a folder and rotate them in a custom interval. It also includes a new clock and calendar fully translated into Spanish, as well as configurable size and space.

We can download it from this link.

Sense Desktop

It is a watch inspired by the mythical user interface of HTC Sense. In addition to the time, it also displays information about the date and time with animations. It is completely mobile so we can place it anywhere on our desk. We can choose to choose the time zone, the time display format (12 or 24 hours), as well as the size and opacity of the widgets.

We can download Sense Desktop from the Microsoft Store.

Developer: StedySoft

DS Clock

This little app shows us a digital clock on our Windows 10 desktop, providing some advanced syncing tools and a simple stopwatch. It has a menu of options where we can customize its interface, as well as configure its synchronization tools. We can configure its appearance, change the time format, colors and font. We can also enable transparency and keep the window always at the top.

We can download DS Clock from this link.


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