Accelerate the passage of time in windows 10 with accelerify

To start with the program that we are going to talk about in these same lines, we will tell you that there are certain applications in Windows based on time. With this we say that its operating mode varies based on the time elapsed in the operating system itself.

For example, those that are based on certain automated changes depending on the day or night, as well as alarm or reminder software. Therefore and taking into account that in an operating system such as Windows time passes regularly from its integrated clock, testing this can be somewhat complex, or boring.

It is for all this that below we are going to show you a simple software that solves these problems. We tell you this because we are about to review the application called Accelerify, a program to speed up system time in Windows. If necessary, if we do not have this solution, we have to change the system time manually, or wait.

Speed ​​up time on Windows with Accelerify

Both options are not the best of choices, especially when you have to try various situations like those mentioned above. Therefore, this is where Accelerify comes into play, a simple portable program that speeds up the system time in Windows at regular intervals.

Therefore, in principle you have to know that by default the application accelerates the time by one hour every 10 seconds. Of course, at the same time we can configure the program depending on the needs of each case using some parameters that we will see. Therefore, the first thing we do to speed up the system time in Windows, is to download Accelerify from this link.

Being portable, we will not need to install anything, so we can directly put the application into operation after extracting it from the ZIP that we downloaded. In the event that we want to start the program with the default configuration, we just have to run it with administrator permissions . This is important, because if we don’t run it as administrator, the program won’t do anything once it’s running.

How the program works to speed up time

Running the program opens a command line interface that speeds up system time automatically. Therefore the default setting speeds up the system time by 60 minutes every 10 seconds. This is a process that the program indicates to us on the command line itself so that we can follow up.

At the moment in which we want to stop the advance and return to the original time, we simply press any key in that interface. This will end the acceleration of time and restore it.

But of course, it may be the case that the default configuration does not suit our needs, so we can configure this time acceleration. To do this we open the Command Prompt as Administrator and go to the folder where the program file is saved . Once in it, we have to execute the following command: “accelerify.exe -i <interval> -a <time jump>”. For example, if we want to speed up the system time by 5 minutes per second, we write “accelerify.exe -i 1 -a 300”.

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