5 keyboard tricks that can be productive in Windows

Keyboard shortcuts give you access to functions that you can implement in seconds, without having to use the system menus. In this post I will be explaining you about some tricks for the keyboard in Windows.

As you know, all PC operating systems have keyboard shortcuts, be it Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. But this time we will be talking about those shortcuts in Windows that could save you work every day.

Productive tricks for your keyboard in Windows

With the following simple and quick tricks to apply, you could save many hours of work per year. They really are hidden Windows functions that most users are not aware of, and you are probably one of them.

Minimize all open windows

Maybe you want to see the desktop quickly, or maybe someone is approaching you who do not want you to see what you are doing; but you have a lot of applications and windows open. In this and other similar cases, you just have to press the Windows + D keys simultaneously. With this you can see your screen free of all open windows and see your desktop.

See things that you don’t see well on the screen

We know that not all of us have the happiness of having a 100% view, but luckily Windows has a Magnifying Glass within its accessibility options. This will be one of the best Windows keyboard shortcuts if you don’t get a close look.

With this utility you can use the mouse pointer as a magnifying glass, seeing any part of the screen larger. To access this you just have to press Windows and +  (plus) at the same time.

Enable high contrast

What is high contrast used for? Well, if even using the Magnifying Glass of the previous trick you cannot see the objects on the screen, particularly the text; then you can activate the high contrast quickly using the combination Shift + Alt + Print Screen.

Change screen orientation

For some it might just be a joke, but the truth is that sometimes, we accidentally change the orientation of the screen and we don’t know how to fix it. It might sound silly, but it happens, and more often than you might think. So if it happens to a friend or colleague, you will already know how to help them and not keep wasting time turning your head to Google how to fix it.

The key combinations to rotate the Windows screen is Control + Alt + one of the arrows. For example, to place the screen in its natural state, the combination would be Control + Alt + ?.

Lock your session quickly

You may have to quickly leave your home or office and the most express action would be to turn off your PC. But you don’t want to lose the work you were doing, or close the applications you were using. You also don’t want to leave your PC open so that anyone can access your information. In these cases you can quickly lock your session using the Windows + L keys. You can quickly leave safely, and when you return you just have to re-enter your password and all your work will remain active.

This is one of the simplest keyboard shortcuts, but very useful and that some users do not take advantage of.

Save time in Windows daily

These have been some keyboard tricks that will help you save a lot of time and effort on a daily basis in Windows. They can be very simple but they could make a big difference in your workflow if you implement them correctly

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