How to uninstall or remove MacKeeper pop-ups on Mac

There are programs that simply do not deserve to live on your computer. Either because they do not comply with the functions or tools that they promise to make available to their users or because they may contain highly harmful elements for your computer. That is why today we will talk about MacKeeper and how to uninstall and remove annoying pop-up windows.

Just as on the web you can find a large number of tools to cover the needs you have when doing a job on your computer. Many of these programs may contain malware or a virus that you must later eliminate because it will become a real headache.

Mac OS operating system

The entire range of Apple devices has stood out for the following: its software does everything possible to avoid compromising the security of its users, implementing instruments to optimize the security rates of your data.

However, just as you can innovate in security measures, you also innovate to circumvent them. In this sense, not even one of the safest softwares like Mac OS is saved from this type of situation.

MacKeeper analysis

One of those programs that has made the lives of many Mac users bitter has been MacKeeper. In theory, this program is supposed to help you optimize the security and integrity of your computer’s system functions through its anti-malware functions, in addition to having tools that will improve your computer’s performance.

But the reality is very different. Various analyzes have tried to verify the veracity of MacKeeper functions, reaching the conclusion that it compromises the security of the computer on which it has been installed.

User complaints

Mac OS operating system

MacKeeper was not always a program that received so many negative reviews, but for some time, users who use Mac computers have complained. Not only the excessive amount of intrusive advertising on your computers, but also a maximum degree of difficulty when uninstalling the program compared to uninstalling any application or program .

What consequences can it bring?

The installation of the program, depending on its version, leaves a certain amount of files or files that the system may recognize as malicious. How can these affect your computer? The answer, right away:

  • First, install other programs that perform “security” backups such as ZipCloud. This program also had a certain reputation, but after the inconveniences that MacKeeper has presented, it is speculated that this program can be used to send your information to third parties.
  • It can install extensions in your browser without your consent.
  • It indicates that your Mac is not protected and to guarantee the security of your information you must subscribe to one of its Premium plans.
  • And, last but not least, the strongest proof that MacKeeper is affecting your computer is the extremely annoying appearance of pop-ups with intrusive advertising when using your browser.

Uninstalling MacKeeper

Does the troubleshooting go through the uninstallation of this program? Of course, but as noted above, this process could be much more difficult than it should. For your peace of mind, here are different ways to ensure that your Mac is completely free of MacKeeper.

Using other apps

If, unfortunately, you have fallen into the trap of uninstalling MacKeeper, one of the alternatives to get rid of it would be through other free tools available for Mac users.

Uninstalling MacKeeper

  • One of those tools is AppCleaner, which, through its analysis tools, will allow you to locate and uninstall the different malicious MacKeeper files. It is an extremely easy to use application.
  • Malwarebytes is a free tool that can also help you locate, delete all files, and uninstall MacKeeper from your browser.

Complementary actions

Finally, it is recommended that you enter your browser and review the list of installed extensions. If you see any that you suspect have been installed by MacKeeper, remove it.

Goodbye, MacKeeper!

Now you know how to uninstall and remove stormy MacKeeper pop-ups. As well as the concern of having malware that compromises the functioning of your Mac and the integrity of your files. The final recommendation is to refrain from installing this program to avoid these annoyances.

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