How to turn an image into an icon for use in my Mac folders

One of the best things you can do once you have purchased a new PC is to customize it so that it suits your tastes. Among all the things you can do with it, is to change or customize the icons of the folders on your macos device , a process which is simple and fast enough.

With this, you can give it a personal touch and in the same way, help you more efficiently locate the different folders that you have within it, either through the color that represents them or the icon. By default, the folders within this system are blue and also have a specific shape , which is why many people find it boring.

However, that will be over soon, with this tutorial in which you can edit your folders the way you want and with quick steps, keep reading more of all that, in this tutorial.

blue folder mac

Changing the folder icon for any image

The steps that we present here are simple and you can carry them out without any problems, change the icons, with the following steps:

  1. To begin, you must open the image file, using the “Preview ” application which is available on most Mac devices.
  2. Once inside the application, you just have to enter the complete image or, failing that, the section of the image you want to use and then use the following commands “+ C ” or if you don’t know how to do this, you can proceed to press inside from the “Edit – Copy ” option to select and copy the option you have chosen.
  3. After that, you must press the right button of your PC, just on the folder and after that, enter the option “Get information “.
  4. Once inside, you will see that a new screen will appear in which you are presented with a series of options, among which you must go to the folder icon within the information window, and right there, you will be able to see the name that corresponds to the folder you have selected at the top.
  5. Once there, you just have to press the following command “+ V ” and in this way the image that you have copied will be added to the place you want.
  6. And with this everything would culminate, since automatically, you will see that the folder you have selected will automatically change its appearance and adopt the one you have chosen for it.
  7. When you have finished everything, all you have to do is repeat the whole process you did with those folders which you want to edit in terms of appearance, so that you can customize all aspects of your device simply and quickly.

mac color folders

Go back to the default icon of your folders

If you have regretted any change you have made or simply want to go back to the beginning of what you had initially, you do not have to worry, because everything has a solution and you can give your PC its old appearance in terms of folders. In order to achieve this, you just have to follow the following steps and everything will be more than ready:

  1. Start by pressing the right button, right in the part of the folder, which you want to return its previous or initial icon
  2. Enter the option “Get information “, once inside, you will see that an information window will open, in which you must click on the image that you had customized.
  3. Once pressed, you must press the command “+ X ” in order to cut the image, and everything will be ready.
  4. When you have done the last step, you will see that the folder will once again have its classic blue folder icon, which is the most common, since it is used in all operating systems of Mac devices by default.

Finally, it is important that you remember that you can set a password to your custom folders so that only you can access them.

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