How to set up or customize the Touch Bar and Control Strip on a MacBook Pro

What is a Touch Bar?

A Touch Bar is a small panel, bar, or touch screen that you can place on top of MacBook Pro keyboards where you could normally see the functional keys. Although at first glance this digital bar does not seem to have much functionality, the truth is that it works for everything.

It allows you to perform various functions, change buttons, how they are arranged, how to access certain functions, and much more.

In addition, it has three sections, the first, where you can see the application controls, the second is a small section of four buttons that make up part of the Control Strip and the third is the rest of the buttons of the Control Strip or toolbar. full control.

Surely seeing all the benefit that you can get out of your Touch Bar made you want to personalize it and use it in the way that seems most comfortable to you. That is why we will tell you about some configurations that can be very useful for you. But how to use Touch Bar on MacBook

How to configure the and the Control Strip? Touch Bar

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As we mentioned before, there are several configurations, but we will show you the most useful ones so you can start getting the most out of your Touch Bar.

Of the sections that we mentioned above, you will only use the first two, the app controls and the Control Strip that make up the four buttons. You can also configure your Touch Bar so that clicking the “fn” Key expands the Control Strip. Next, we will show you what are the steps to follow:

  • You must go to the Apple menu using the  key and choose the option called System Preferences.
  • The next step to follow is to enter the Keyboard option and the Keyboard tab
  • Now, in the Sample Touch Bar option, you must select the app controls and next to it, activate the Show Control Strip option
  • At the bottom, where it says Press the fn key to, you must choose the option expand Control Strip

With various functions that will require expanding the Control Strip in order to access them, the fn key can be of great help.

How to customize the sections?

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You can do this configuration to show you the buttons and options that you use the most. And if you want to customize the buttons of the app then you can do it within it. You will be able to see the option in the View menu so that you can customize your Touch Bar. Depending on the app, the options will be different or you may not have any.

Speaking of the Control Strip in any of its presentations, the options are provided by Apple and you can customize it in a very similar way to the previous one, only with a slight difference:

  • You must go to the Apple menu using the  key and choose the option called System Preferences.
  • Choose the Keyboard option and then go to the Keyboard tab
  • Now the next option is Customize Control Strip

You should see on the screen all the options that you can customize for your Control Strip when it is expanded. And if you want to add something from the options, you just have to click and drag it to the Touch Bar.

If you choose a button and drag it to the site you like, then it will automatically replace the one that was there previously. You can rearrange your buttons with your finger directly on your Touch Bar, it is the advantage of being a touch bar.

Within the customization, you can configure the rest of the buttons of the Control Strip, all you have to do is expand it and the rest of the options will appear on the screen that you can apply by just dragging them as we said before.

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