How to save the images from the Safari browser on my iPhone or iPod Touch?

The iPhone is one of the best products that have been invented in a long time. This is mainly due to the great functions that they hide and the easy-to-use interface that they handle. With that in mind, today you will learn the answer to the question How do I save the images from the Safari browser on my iPhone or iPod Touch?

Because everyone knows that saving images is extremely important. Either because you want to remember something with her, or because you simply like me and want to publish it, saving an image to see it later is almost like a routine. Despite this, there are many people who do not know how to do it from their browser and that is why this tutorial.

How to save the images from the Safari browser on my iPhone or iPod Touch?

The first thing to do is obviously go to your Safari browser on whatever your Apple device is (To give you more context, I recommend you to know the products and tools that Apple offers ).

After this, navigate to a web page or to the section called “Images” in Safari (no matter where it is, any image can be saved on your phone quickly).

When you find the image, keep your finger pressed on it for a few seconds. If your website looks very small, it will be necessary to increase the font or page size of the Safari browser .

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With that you will get several options on top or to the side of the image, one of them is called “Save image ” press it and that’s it. Although the process will be finished, if you are not on the web where the image was placed, you will be sent to it, so you must press the start button to return to the main menu.

If you want to see it, go to your photo album on the reel (If you do not want it, make sure to prevent your photos from being uploaded in iCloud ), and from there to the folder where all of them are stored, you will notice that now the one you have saved (it should be noted that this will not drop in quality or look bad, since it will literally look like what you have intended to save).

With that you have everything finished, so you can say that you know the answer to the initial question of how to save the images from the Safari browser on my iPhone or iPod Touch? , all you have to do now is test your new knowledge.

How to save GIFS?

In case you didn’t know, Animated Images or GIFS can also be saved on the iPhone, so if you are a fan of these, you just have to follow a few simple steps to get them and save them in your gallery forever.

The first thing you have to do is go to the browser and open it normally, then go to the web page that contains the GIF you want to download. Then press the image for a few seconds until the options of what you want to do with it appear.

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Press the one named “Save image”, with that the image will be saved automatically and you will be able to view it in your gallery photos. Obviously you must have noticed that the process is practically the same, the only difference is that the GIFS file will be animated.

This is because the iPhone is compatible with these types of files, which means that there is no need to take any extra steps to make them animated. Remember that to send GIFS you have to have contacts who are iPhone, or who have a device that is compatible with that format.

And voila, with that above you already know enough to say that you not only learned how to save the images from the Safari browser on my iPhone or iPod Touch, but you also discovered that the GIFS are downloaded in the same way and without any problem. . Now go and enjoy your knowledge. But BEWARE, if your GIF is very slow, it is necessary to accelerate the speed of the online animation.

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