How to reproduce relaxing ambient sounds with the HomePod?

Another very popular Apple product and with which you can enjoy the music you like the most is Apple Music. Apple Music today is giving competition to Spotify as a platform to listen to music, and many users are wondering which is better .

Essentially a speaker

HomePod is not a virtual assistant for the home: it is essentially a Speaker, that has been tried to make very clear those responsible for the North American technology giant.

This is one of the reasons why it is different from Google Home devices than if they are virtual assistants with which you can do tasks such as making calls to your phone contacts .

Does this make a difference? Yes, the primary function of the HomePod is to offer sound of the highest quality. Under this conception it was designed, being the option of virtual assistant at home, an accessory, secondary function, but that adds a plus to this device, such as, for example, playing relaxing ambient sounds with the HomePod.

Maximum sound, minimum space

In just 18 centimeters of space, HomePod houses one of the most powerful devices for reproducing sound on the market. Its internal components concentrate seven tweeters, each equipped with its own amplifier and translator.

With a spatially oriented design to achieve the best sound quality no matter where the user is located in the room.

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In the upper part, HomePod has a speaker whose function is to reproduce bass sounds, which together with the tweeters offers an entire equalization system that allows the device to analyze the room to better guide the sound with and achieve maximum performance.

On the other hand, the HomePod has a high-fidelity A8 processor, which is responsible for translating the command commands that are supplied, and which is infallible even when the user is listening to music at maximum volume. It also allows you to play relaxing ambient sounds with the HomePod.

Virtual assistant

Enough said around here, HomePod’s primary function is to reproduce high-quality sound. However, its nexus with Siri, Apple’s Virtual Assistant. Inc, offers this device other features that cannot be ignored.

The combination of HomePod and Siri offers a valuable integrated virtual assistant, which becomes an essential ally in the home, for carrying out small tasks such as turning on smart lights, drawing curtains or knowing if you will need to use an umbrella or not, consulting the weather report.

It’s time to play relaxing nature sounds

HomePod integrates in its latest version the possibility of reproducing various kinds of relaxing ambient sounds. Excellent news, especially today when circumstances force you to do a greater volume of work from home.

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Home becomes an office. Calls from the boss and coworkers, reporting, planning schedules, activities, and with it comes stress. These are limiting circumstances that can be reduced when we have a support of relaxing music, to listen quietly.

Asking HomePod to play background music is simple and does not require any particular prior action. Therefore, it is not necessary to download an extra app or anything similar. Having the HomePod updated to a version similar or higher than iOS 13.1.2 is more than enough.

This way you can relax with ambient sounds without having to go to YouTube. By simply giving the command “Hey Siri , play fireplace sound “, HomePod takes you to hear the quiet crackling of a fireplace. The device offers users a varied catalog of ambient music: forest, fireplace, ocean, rain, waterfall, night, white noise.

In addition to playing relaxing sounds, you can also play your favorite music from your HomePod, since the latest updates of the device brought with them the possibility of associating it with Spotify, so do not hesitate to open your Spotify account and enjoy it from the comfort of your home .

So decide to play soothing ambient sounds with HomePod. It is undoubtedly about having in your home the best alternative of music for relaxation, whether you are a professional, student, or a simple lover of ambient music.

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